T2 Design - Design and Prototyping Service

T2 Design helps inventors take their invention idea from concept to reality.

T2 Design has successfully been working with inventors designing consumer products, building prototypes, patent searching and facilitating manufacturing for more than 15 years.

T2 Design was featured on two episodes on ABC's hit TV show "American Inventor" building two of the twelve semi-finalist inventions. Inventors come to T2 Design at various times during the invention process. Whether an inventor is at the early idea stage, the design, patent or prototype stage, or ready for manufacturing, T2 Design will provide a team of experts to prepare an invention for licensing or manufacturing.

T2 Design has experience with inventions ranging from gym and sports equipment, automobile accessories, household, kitchen and pet products, industrial tools, health aides and toys, dolls and games.

T2 Design works with inventors performing engineering, patent searching, electronics development, product design, packaging, music, virtual and physical prototyping and manufacturing.

T2 Design is located in Santa Monica, California and has an "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau. For more information, please visit their website at www.T2design.com.

T2 Design - Design and Prototyping Service

Paul Berman
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Services Provided

product evaluation, product benchmark studies, patent searching, industrial design, engineering, mechanisms design, electronics design, digital circuit design, computer aided design, solid modeling, virtual prototypes and animation, prototype construction, prototype testing, engineering drawings for production, manufacturing liaison, manufacturing sourcing

Terms of Service

Fixed price quotations are generally available for all services.

Product Evaluation At T2 Design the invention development process generally begins with a consultation in which we evaluate your invention, conduct a preliminary U.S. patent search, assess and attempt to correct any design problems, and determine a strategy for bringing the product to market. The consultation provides an opportunity for design brainstorming, and the discussion of pertinent issues including: patenting, manufacturing, marketing strategy, project risk, and licensing.

The cost of the one hour phone consultation is $125.00. Payment may be by check in advance, or by charging to Visa, MasterCard or Discover over the phone.

Patent Searches T2 Design conducts patent searches only with highly experienced patent searchers. The fee for a United States patentability search is $450. A combined International and United States patentability search $625, and includes a written patentability opinion from a patent attorney or patent agent. Both types of patentability searches include samples of the closest prior art patent references.

Prototype Cost Prototype design and construction cost vary depending on the complexity of the product. Generally, the consultation should provide us with enough information to allow the preparation of a fixed price quote for the design and construction of an invention prototype. Most prototypes cost between $1,500 and $15,000, with the cost related to the complexity of the project.

Virtual Prototypes Virtual Prototypes are very useful for pitching an invention to a potential licensee at a cost that is much lower than that of a physical prototype. Photo realistic images of an invention can be developed by designing the invention in three dimensions on the computer. The results can be viewed from different angles, and illuminated to create professional virtual photographs of the invention. The invention can also be animated and shown on video. The cost of most virtual prototypes is usually between $1500 and $3000 depending on complexity. (Info good as of December 2006.)

Jan 29, 2007
by jason Bowman (not verified)

Kudos to T2!

My business partner and I found out about T2 design on the internet and made the call to Paul shortly thereafter. Impressed by what he had to say, we flew out to California to meet with him and discuss our project. Paul has a friendly/quirky demeanor to him (that most genuis/creative types have) and right away we knew we had our man. He hammered out a prototype for us based soley on a figment of our imagination and handful of drawings. From that initial prototype, we were able to fine-tune the design and eventually create what Paul calls a "looks right, works right" prototype. Then we built hundreds more, put'em in boxes and sold them all. With the success of our test run- which was based on T2's initial design- we have since secured a manufacturer in China, received Medicare approval and signed onto a joint venture with an infomercial company! Our product is going to make its TV debut this spring in the form of 28 1/2 minute infomercial. As we continue to work diligently in pointing the arrows of success our way, Paul has been an instrumental part of our team thus far. We still call upon him from time to time to brainstorm with us about business/marketing ideas as it never hurts to have a "paid brain" just a phone call away.
I give T2 design the highest of reccomendation. Paul and his associates were a pleasure to work with and, most certainly, brought value to every dollar we spent. Hopefully, I will be responding back in a few months to report a successful infomercial test. In the meantime, stay tuned. If you've got an idea for a product that you think might work. Don't hesitate. Make the move. Give him a call and get started. You'll never look back. I know we haven't. Good luck!

Feb 13, 2007
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with T2 Designs. These are the types of commenta that make the serivce a valuable resource.

Mar 23, 2008
by Anonymous

Hello, I am researching T2

Hello, I am researching T2 to create my idea and just wondering how it all turned out since your last comment regarding them . Looking forward to hearing back!