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Our Guest Blogger, Mia Levine, was a web content writer and creative talent with over ten years experience within the high tech industry. Two children later, her focus has changed. She now spends her time finding new and innovative products that are fascinating and fun to both parents and kids. She likes products that are natural, environmentally friendly, and toxic-free.

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With all the press lately about the dangers of plastics, I've wondered a lot about what harm my kids have incurred as the result of having plastic around the house. Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, plastic is used to make hundreds of everyday consumer products including babies' toys and teething rings. Not only are these plastic products not recyclable, they are far more toxic in production, use, and disposal than other plastics. Phthalates, another dangerous chemical, are used as softeners in plastic toys such as rubber ducks, bath toys and soft plastic books, to name a few. They have been associated with reproductive defects, lowered sperm counts, early puberty, and cancer.

Think of all the plastic your kids' mouths have gnawed, sucked, bit, and chewed on today - Barbie's foot, a book, sippy cup lids and straws, nipples, pacifiers. It's very likely that chemicals from these products have leached out and have been ingested.

I am working on being more conscientious - finding, buying and giving products that cannot be potentially impregnated with toxins. I'm here to tell you, it's getting easier. Many companies, even Wal-Mart, are embracing environmental responsibility by introducing all natural products.

Take a look at Eco-Cradle, made entirely of cardboard from the Israeli-based company, Green Lullaby.

This environmentally conscious cradle meets all the required standards. It's protected by Green Lullaby's very own non-toxic 'green' fire retardant and meets the EU safety and performance standards for cribs and cradles. The best part is that no tools are required for assembly, plus it can be folded down and stored flat, making it convenient for traveling out of town to see Grammy.

So, for a truly unique shower gift, why not give parents-to-be something for baby that they can reuse or recycle. It's a small act that makes a big difference for our health and environment.

You can find the Eco-Cradle at Rose and Radish.

Mia Levine
Guest Blogger