Row, Row, Row Your Bike Gently Down The Street

Bored with exercise?

Our guest blogger, educator/author, Sharon Bender of has provided her find on an exciting new invention for readers of Here's her article:

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Have you seen the new "rowing bicycle ?"

"Rowbike" is the new total body fitness machine that takes you on the road. It looks like a bicycle. It has two wheels, but that's where the similar ends. The rider appears to be rowing a boat onboard a bicycle. The thing is powered by a push/pull stroking mechanism that can maneuver through pivotal steering. It has a dual-motion gear, a seat that slides forward and back, and a design that permits users to keep a straight face . . . I mean straight legs while operating the two-wheeled wonder. The rowing bicycle is supposedly easier on joints making it possible to row, row, row your bike gently down the street.

Row BikeRow Bike

Inventor, Scott Olson also founded the first inline skating company that later became Rollerblade. Scott wanted to get the power of rowing with the mobility of a bicycle. According to Wired Magazine, "The latest fitness craze of the stars is part mountain bike and part rowing machine." Rowbike is used by hunks like Kevin Costner, and not because it's guaranteed to burn at least 850 calories per hour, but because . . . well he just looks so cool on the thing. (See rowing bike here.)

Sharon Bender


Aug 6, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Starting at $675

I saw the video and that lady was really moving/rowing down the street. Shouldn't she have a helmet on so that her rower's lifetime guarantee means more to her?

Jun 12, 2007
by renebruce
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row bike

Hey Scott,


Glad to see your got this bike on the market, many congrats hope u have been great !  I repped for Kryptonics for 10yrs. you would remember my face, I was in so cal along side your rollerblade reps..  anyhow  glad things are rockin, check my latest invention, and I left the inline gig, and did skateboards and snowboards for yrs. then two yrs ago I dropped into pets.. !


Rene Bruce



Sep 14, 2008
by Anonymous

How do you steer and stop

How do you steer and stop this thing

Dec 24, 2008
by Anonymous


loved it made me thin whooooHoooooo

Dec 24, 2008
by Anonymous


the neighbors stared at me with their mouths wide