What Would Santa Want to Drive?

6. Mercedes-Benz RECY

The most elegant of the designs, the Mercedes RECY looks like an old-school sports car a man named Chauncy or Hugo would drive. It’s the only car to incorporate wood in the frame, and the entire vehicle is 100% recyclable after five years. The web site says yachts and expensive eyewear inspired the design.


7. Mini BioMoke (BMW)

The Mini BioMoke is BMW’s contribution to the show. It creates trees. Yes, trees. The body is composed of a single biodegradable panel that contains palm tree seeds. So, when it decomposes, the seeds enter the ground and produce new palms. That’s probably the most original idea in the group.


8. Toyota RLV

The Toyota runs on electric batteries. The characteristic that stands out is its two separate zero emission acceleration sources. The team says L.A.’s traffic problem is so bad that there are generally two road speeds: 5 mph and 75 mph. You use a hydraulic pedal for the 5 mph stop-and-go traffic, and an electric power pedal for the faster speeds. The interior materials include bamboo and wicker, and the vehicle is recyclable.


9. Volkswagon Nanospyder

The Nanospyder’s name implies nanotechnology will be the principal standout feature. Nanotechnology allows us to work with matter on a unprecedented micro-level, and VW is working toward exploiting this feature to create varying densities in the frame for enhanced safety. The vehicle is 100% recyclable.


So what would Santa drive? I think it’s safe to assume that any of the nine above cars would satisfy his criteria and not compromise his unquestioned integrity. However, if Mrs. Claus has anything to say about it, I’d put my money on the Hummer 02 or the Audi.

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