Scribble Away on the Table

Has it ever happened with you that when you most need a scrap of paper to write down a phone number, make a grocery list, jot down points for an important client meeting, or just want to put your thoughts down on paper, no paper can be found?

It is a most regular occurrence in my life and home. I am forever hunting for a piece of paper to jot on, but then manage to lose the scrap which makes it more infuriating and worthless. After all, what is the use of hunting wildly, begging in some cases for a sheet of paper, then writing down an all important list, only to manage to lose it after a few days?

But this ingenious new table might just help me resolve this minor crisis that happens all too freqently in my life.Genius TableGenius Table

Aptly called the Genius Table, there is a table that allows scatter brains like me to scribble on it. I know most of you would be horrified with the idea, but just spare a few moments more and read on.

Innovative and wacky brains have been at work creating this Genius Table. No more hunting around for paper, just grab a pen and write down all that you want, on the table and you'll never lose tour notes in a hurry ever again. That's a guarantee.

The Genius Table is a simple aluminum structure that comes with 300 sheets of paper called the Genius Pad which can be peeled off and stuck on the refrigerator, the notice board or any other surface. Cool isn't it?

This lovely table in aluminum is finished in black paint and comes with all the nuts and bolts as well as an allen key to fix it up. They have really thought of everything for people who cannot find things at the right time. The top of the table is a 4mm plywood base on which one stacks up the sheets of paper for use later. Just assemble, find a nifty corner to place it and write away.

The genius of the Genius Table .

The only sad thing about the whole idea is that it is currently available only in the UK and costs about £100. But the site says that the creators are willing to entertain enquiries for non UK customers . I will definitely mail them, what about you?

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
American Inventor Spot

May 2, 2007
by Anonymous Ernest Lerner (not verified)

Wouldn't "aptly called" be

"Table-t", not "genius table"?