Seth Says: It's OK to Play With Your Food!

I found this little website gem this morning. I've done my best to try and devise a purpose, or even something productive from the site, but am still a little lost—and I'm OK with that. Diet Riot is the brainchild of Philipp Zurmoehle (note slightly pretentious spelling of first name), and it consists of little more than food fighting animations. And I don't mean the kind of food fights we had in junior high cafeterias; I mean literally, food that fights.

When directed to the main page of the site you're presented with 5 controllable characters: Squid squad, Maki San, Atama-Go, Chi and Ninjin. When I say "controllable" I'm referring to when you click on each character you are redirected to a new page that allows you to animate our food friends by clicking on action icons. For instance, when visiting Ninjin—the flying carrot-like things—you can either make them bomb the ground below, or simply sleep in it. As for the other characters, each has their own animations, and, though not entirely comprehensive, they are fun to mess around with.

Like I said, the Diet Riot seems completely pointless other than to provide a smartly animated web-page designed for procrastination. Click on the rocket on the main page to see some conceptual sketches, or re-direct yourself to the bomb page to see animation videos where two opponents square off against one another. It's a good time for a few minutes, and it will be the first time playing with your food becomes acceptable. Eat that, mom.

Seth Plattner
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May 18, 2007
by D2 (not verified)

This is pretty cool!

LOL, this is awesome! Mind if I link to it on my LJ?