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Interested in juisy gossip?

Here's a bit of a shameless plug for my friend's shameless website. Jennifer Gerson is an associate editor for the newly launched Jezebel.com , a subsidiary site of the well-known Gawker.com . In case you aren't familiar with Gawker, it's a website geared towards the gossip-savvy New Yorker and they often have late-breaking celeb news, funny celeb stories and other good around town information.

Jezebel is their spin-off dedicated to gossip, sex, fashion and beauty. Keep in mind when you get there that these writers write with their gloves off, and nothing is safe from their sometimes scathing reports. But, as anyone knows, the dirt is what we are all interested in anyway, so even if you feel a little guilty indulging in Jezebel, you still can't help but go back for more. Enjoy the gossip.

Seth Plattner
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