Would you Wear These? Shoes Made To Vacuum

Just imagine instead of the usual scenario, shoes bringing dirt into the house, shoes that are made for cleaning up the dirt instead, as you walk around the house.

Electrolux imagined it and came up with a concept for a nice clean pair - a definite "must have" for cleaning fanatics or the shoe obsessed. That's right. It is the long awaited, always wished for Vacuum Shoes. Thanks to Electrolux, dreaming of a cleaner home has become much easier, or at least will be soon. They aren't out on the market yet. Only on-line pictures of the shoes taunt us, as we wait for their arrival.

How green are they? Well, other than their hospital green color, I'm not sure. I've found no information on how the shoes suction or store the dirt nor how they turn on or off, but I do know there is no cord to plug in (no electricity used). And, because they are shoes, it will very likely require walking which means you will get more exercise while cleaning the house, talking on the phone or doing whatever it is you do at home.

Can you imagine never having to worry about the dirt you or your family bring in? This means cleaner carpets- less steam cleaners and cleaning supplies will be required which means a cleaner house with less toxins. A cleaner more environmentally friendly house means less allergies for you and your family. It's a win win situation no matter how you look at it.

They aren't very fashionable and they don't look very comfortable, but it's a start and I'd be willing to try them, if I could. See Green Shoes Here

Gloria Campos-Hensley
Featured Blogger

Feb 21, 2007
by Myra Per-Lee

Ha! I love them!

Great idea!  As always, Gloria...

Myra Per-Lee
Featured Blogger

Mar 3, 2007
by Bobby (not verified)

Opening the door and let them walk it!

This is still such a wide open field for people who want to keep their house clean from outside as well as all the cross culture in the  world today. Thanks for bringing it to the site. I've had an idea but maybe now I will work on it. Hummmm! those nice clean white carpets nobody wants you to walk on. Great job! 
Bobby Amoreamerican inventor

Mar 15, 2007
by Anonymous Kitty Litter (not verified)

Does this mean

that when I accidentally tramp on a pile of cat sh-- on my carpet that I can simply continue going about my business and walk around the house as though I hadn't tramped on anything?

 I also wonder what would happen if someone wearing those shoes slipped on a banana peel.  Are the shoes like slippers, or not?