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Good Vibrations Therapeutic Vibrating Shoes®Good Vibrations Therapeutic Vibrating Shoes®As far as shoes go, I'm a Babe that seeks comfort, so when I saw these photos on-line, they seemed to call out to me "Ah, come hither you Babe in those tortuous high heels..."

Well, guess what I found out? These shoes are not just comfortable.... They ROCK!

What's in them? Vibrators!

Vibration is one of the most common means of stimulating sore, tired muscles. It is a way of relaxing tight or cramped muscles so that oxygen and blood can flow freely to the muscle, restoring its normal health and functioning.

Although vibrating machines designed for feet have been available for years, the Good Vibrations Therapeutic Vibrating Shoes® are the first pair of shoes to offer the technology in a portable form. And the vibration is high frequency, so you don't get the itching and other skin irritations common after use of other vibrating units.Charge Both Shoes At One Time!Charge Both Shoes At One Time!

Not only are Good Vibrations portable, but they contain rechargeable batteries! "Re-booting" takes only an hour, after which you can buzz right along for up to five hours - although most wearers use the vibration for about 20 minutes at a time, turning the convenient built-in switch on or off, as desired.

While not recommended for long walks or vigorous exercise, you can walk around in your Good Vibrations while the switch is on. You can wear them inside your home or outside, as the soles are thick and sturdy, as well as slip-proof. They come in particularly handy on long flights when feet tend to swell; they are lightweight and come in a travel bag so you can easily take them with you. And most styles are unisex!

Who can benefit? Well...who hasn't had sore feet? But particularly? Athletes, salespersons, flight attendants, traffic cops, and anyone else who's legs and feet are subject to continued stress. In addition to these groups, people with arthritic feet and diabetes have benefited from the shoes, as well as Shoes With An On-Off SwitchShoes With An On-Off Switchnon-ambulatory persons whose feet and leg muscles may not get enough stimulation. Recent research also indicates that those with balance difficulties, such as those resulting from a stroke, may find improvement from vibrating shoes. Dr.Koenig emphasizes, however, that his company does not make any specific health claims.

Good Vibrations Therapeutic Vibrating Shoes®, are the brainchild of Dr. Richard Koenig who, as a podiatrist, has spent years studying and treating feet and the effects of fatigue on them. The therapeutic vibrating shoes join Dr. Koenig's other inventions related to methods of foot surgery and rehabilitation.

Good Vibrations are designed with a flexible toe box, made of stretchable Spandex® so as to fit many different shapes of foot. The shoes also have arch supports and adjustable heel straps. They are available in about half a dozen styles and can be purchased direct from the manufacturer at a very reasonable cost of $59.95.

UPDATE: The vibrating shoe may  no longer be available.

Keeping you posted.

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Feb 14, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

the ultimate shoe fan

Wow I had never heard of these and I KNOW about shoes. I am an addict. Thanks Babe!
I can't wait to see what else you discover. Is there a place to look for cutting edge stuff like this? Or do you get a special message from the patent office.
Regards, A new Babe Fan.

Feb 15, 2007
by Boomer Babe

Dear Ultimate...

Babes just love new fans! But flattery will get you nowhere... I'm not giving away my sources.. A Babe just has to have them, you know.

But keep up with me, Ultimate, and

I'll Keep you posted. (You're cool, Ultimate)

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Feb 23, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Pet Rock Shoes?

What kind of imaginary idea do they think they are going to pull on this high tech generation? They should be called B.S. shoes!

Mar 22, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Uncommon Sense

You would think that with all the concern over hidden explosives, etc. in shoes that no manufacturer would even consider making something like this--at least at this time.  But, of course, these shoes are still made.