Up To You: A New Shopping Experience

Knowing my taste for the unconventional and the eclectic, a friend suggested I have a look at this site. I must complement her on the find. Up To You is the brainchild of Dimitra and Bill, a trendy, stylish twosome with excellent taste.

The mission of the shop, according to the home page is "not to merely promote a trend but instead a sense of style." So they aim to break people away from the conventional, stereotypical modes. Give the population, (us) a chance to re-create our environments without the influence of assembly line products that one finds in chain stores.

Vine Coat HangerVine Coat Hanger Up To You is a showcases of design objects and gifts. These are arranged, almost casually, in a shop that replicates your trendy friend's apartment. The store stocks concepts and ideas from around the world. In an effort to stay true to the philosophy behind the concept shop, each piece is carefully selected based on both its aesthetic value and idea. While shopping at Up To You customers get a chance to buy international products at a single destination. So be prepared to be amazed by the ideas and concepts which will refine and redefine your lifestyle!

The online store of the company has a range of wonderful products, great for personal use as well as for gifting to family and friends. Here are a few I really liked.

The Vine Coat Hanger
Made in metal, the entangled vines of this coat hanger will add to the ‘feel' of your hallway. The stylish knobs are great for hanging coats.

Once you get this coat hanger, get ready to starta conversation, right in the hallway.

Priced at $95, the Vine Coat Hanger measures 65 x 43 x 5cm.


Lace TapeLace TapeLace Tape
Lace - delicate, stylish, aristocratic. Lace adds elegance and charm to anything it adorns, be it dresses, linen, or accessories...

In the olden days, lace was regarded as a symbol of status and power. Only the wealthy could afford it, and they used it highlight almost everything they owned.

Zoom to the present. Today lace is more accessible, though not necessarily affordable. The team at Up To You has managed to make lace accessible to the masses. Their find -- the Lace Tape. So one can stick it on everything, just about everything. Adds instant glamour and value

to even the smallest gift. Why use it only on gifts...the possibilities of the Lace Tape are endless...just let your mind roam.

$20 for 2" x 55 yds.

Bag HangerBag HangerBag Hanger
I hate putting my bag down on the floor at restaurants or cinemas...a solution is available at Up To You. A portable key chain hook to keep it safe, clean and add to its style.

Made of steel and coated in black, this little man will hold your bag with class and élan when yo are at a restaurant or café the next time.

Pocket pinch? Only $20

All this and more at the online shop of Up To You.

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer