Thanko's Silent Keyboard Cuts The Chatter

If a key is typed in a forest, can anyone hear? Not if you're using Thanko's latest peripheral, the Silent Keyboard! Silicone springing and anti-resonance technology make this multi-language compatible keyboard 5 times quieter than a whisper. According to Thanko, an average human whisper registers 30 decibels, about the same as an average keyboard. The Silent Keyboard , on the other hand, clocks in at a mere 6 decibels. Forget about disturbing your spouse or room-mate, we'd be surprised if you woke the dog!

 While keyboard noise doesn't rank especially high on most people's annoyance scale, the pitter-pattering of tiny fingers can be distracting in a quiet room where others are trying to read, sleep or chill. Whether you're frantically finishing that last-minute assignment, chatting past midnight or gaming 'til dawn, no one will be the wiser. What's more, removing that constant chattering dramatically reduces your own stress level - just like when your significant other leaves to go shopping.

 The Silent Keyboard is designed to work with Japanese and other languages, and features convenient plug & play setup - plug the cable into the nearest USB port and you're in business. When silence is key, the Silent Keyboard comes through, earning a well-deserved round of one-handed applause!

The Silent Keyboard by Thanko is available from Rare Mono Shop for the newly discounted price of just $33.10 payable by major credit cards or PayPal. Shipping from Japan is via EMS International Speed Mailing Service and shipping charges may vary.

Editor's Note:The Silent Keyboard is not available in the U.S. However, there is a large variety of silent keyboards now available in the U.S. Amazon has a huge selection of silent keyboards here, from the best rated cheap keyboard to more feature rich rich keyboards.

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer