The Sit-N-Stroll® Deluxe Portable Foot Exerciser: Product Review

Sit N Stroll DeluxeSit N Stroll DeluxeDid you know that the fastest growing population of newly diagnosed diabetics is between 40 and 59 years old? Dudes and babes... we ain't doin' very well.... Until the last few years, that population was over the age of 60!

Don't take this lightly. Diabetes is viewed as one of the deadliest diseases because it causes so many others... heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and other conditions that could lead to sudden and/or premature death.

In addition, diabetes is the leading cause of blindness and limb amputations. Nerve cells are damaged by high levels of glucose in the blood that can eventually lead to numbness in the feet and legs; that's why foot care is so important for diabetics.

What's interesting is that most cases of Type II (late-onset) diabetes can be prevented by making changes in your diet... and, of course, you have to exercise! It's walking that's most recommended as the choice exercise for diabetes control.

Walking not only stimulates the nerve endings, but it enhances circulation, lowers blood pressure, and reduces glucose levels in the bloodstream. A 45 minute walk per day is a recommended strategy to prevent diabetes, but what about the millions of people who already have diabetes or other disabilities that prevent them from taking an extended walk... particularly those who rely on wheelchairs and other mobility devices?

The Sit-N-Stroll® Deluxe Portable Foot Exerciser ($50),

available from Edmund Scientific, was developed particularly for people whose feet and legs are mobility-restricted due to diabetes or other health impairments... And too, for those of us with mobility restrictions due to desk jobs, TV watching, video-game playing, and airplane travel....

A lightweight (3+ lb.) stepper with an adjustable resistance mechanism, the Sit-N-Stroll Deluxe requires very light to moderate effort for utilization. It comes with a battery-operated "pedometer" that counts your steps, amount of time spent stepping, and your estimated caloric burn. Conveniently, the Sit-N-Stroll just happens to come outfitted with a travel pouch, punctuated with various medical symbols, presumably to help insure you get to carry it onboard airplanes.

Even though I exercise every day, it's not enough to compensate for all the time I spend sitting at my desk.

Although I thought that writing an article while doing step exercise would be like rubbing my stomach while tapping my head, requiring at least as much concentration, I decided to try the Sit-N-Stroll at my desk.

Did I mention that this stepper is not an electronic piece of equipment like a Stair Master®? You have to use your own strength, energy, and will to keep it going, and that makes the "step as you work" task a very challenging one. But once I found my comfortable resistance level and got into the rhythm of alternating steps, the movements became automatic and I could easily concentrate on writing. I was truly surprised that I could use the Sit-N-Stroll without its interfering in my productivity.

Now, I prefer to use the stepper while I work because it does provide benefits. It does more than exercise the feet; it utilizes the muscles, ligaments, and joints in your legs and hips. It keeps your knees in proper postural relation to your hips, and if your feet are on the pedals, your legs won't be crossed under you, which is pretty bad for your posture and circulation. I find that just resting my feet on the Sit-N-Stroll, while seated at my desk, improves my overall sitting posture and is comfortable as well.

I use the Sit-N-Stroll and I recommend it!

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