Sit and Shave

Marisa-SalvadorInvention Name: Sit and Shave
Inventor Name: Vivek Babtiwale
Invention Status: In Progress
Keywords: Sit and Shave SitnShave Vivek Babtiwale Sink and Mirror razor shaving SitandShave SitnShave

Description: The SitandShave or SitnShave is a Gag Gift that's Actually Useful. It's a strap on sink and mirror assembly to that you can sit on the toilet and shave at the same time. It was featured on the American Inventor TV show.

May 2, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

No one should be on the toilet that long

This product is ridiculous. No one should be on the bowl that long. 5 minutes or more could lead to hemmorroids. Stop wasting the bloggers time with posting this embarrasment. Let real inventions take the space your wasting.