Site News and Why You Are All Awesome!!

Hi Everyone:

We have quite a bit of new to share with you.

First, we have a new Featured Blogger joining us.

Christian Hoopes a freelance writer during most of his free time, except during special occasions such as when he's asleep or they're interviewing that girl who used to play Shannon on "Lost." He has written and worked for newspapers of all shapes and sizes, and has been a regular contributor to such noteworthy sites as,, Christian's personal blog, and numerous family newsletters, including the special Christmas edition. And yes, you're pronouncing his last name wrong. It rhymes with "books." You'd have to be from Wyoming to understand.

Look for more fun and funny articles like 7 Inventive Ways to Go To Sleep coming to you soon.

Second, we have some really cool and interesting things in the works. This week, you will be seeing a series of changes to reorganize the site. We are hoping it will help make it easier to navigate and find things.

We hope you like the changes. We would love comments on how we could improve our site and whether you like the changes or not. Please feel free to comment below and let us know what you think.

Third, we achieved a major milestone for the site this week. We had set out as a site goal to be in the Technorati 10,000 by the end of the year. Yesterday, we were the 9, 287th blog on the web out of the 49.9 million (yes that's almost 50 million blogs) measured by Hooray!

Technorati Top 9287







Fourth, we achieved record traffic this month, and we think the monthly numbers will include about 450, 000 page views and almost 250,000 unique visitors. This week, we even had the brief pleasure of being one of the top 11,000 or so websites in the world in traffic according to's ranking of approximately 3 million websites.

We've really proud to have achieved all of this in only 4 months.

Thanks to all of the inventors who support us, especially our Star Invention inventors, and you, our readers.

In particular, the Team would like to thank each of you who have visited and commented on our site or posted a link to one of our articles. We are grateful for your support.

Thanks also to sites like fun sites like ,, ,, and numerous others who have been nice to us from the very beginning.

We look forward to giving you another update on our progress soon.

Thanks again,

The Team

Jul 31, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


Those are some awesome statistics--especially for how new this site is! If/when the second season of "American Inventor" comes around, you should be BOOMING.

Jul 31, 2006
by Michelle
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Technorati 8955 Now

We just checked and we are now in the top 8955 of Technorati. How cool is that. Thanks everyone for linking to us!!


Jul 31, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

How does your rank improve?

Do you need to get "more traffic" to attain a better rank or something else? Stated differently, what can visitors specifically do?

Jul 31, 2006
by Michelle
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Just Please Tell People About Us - With LINKS

You can help by submitting or posting links to our articles on other sites (chat boards, comments sections) and also voting for us in places like,,, etc.

If you have a blogs or website or are on MySpace, you can help us by putting a link for on your links section and in your postings.

You can also help us by emailing around any article you feel is worthy to friends and asking them to forward it too.

In Technorati, our rank improves when we get more sites that link to our content.

Thanks so much for asking, and for your support.


Jul 31, 2006
by Michelle
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Now at 8710 out of 49.9 million

Whoo hoo, Technorati says we're now well in the top 9000.

I wonder how hard it would be for us to get into the top 5000?

Maybe another 3-6 months or does it get just impossible from here? Does anyone know?

Michelle Team

Sep 23, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Going In The Wrong Direction?

I think it is great that your Technorati score keeps improving, but I've noticed some less than desirable ads--ones that tend to reduce this site's credibility/trustworthiness. For example, I already have been declared the "l millionith" visitor on FIVE separate occasions and thereby the "winner" of the the Chili dinners. I wouldn't call this going in the right direction.