Site News - May 17, 2007

We have some great news to share.

We are welcoming three new writers to our writing team here at

S. Daniel Ackerman is a freelance writer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He will be our Motion and Motors Writer, covering innovations in the world of engines and motors. He loves getting emails, so send him stories on innovative developments, love letters, or hate mail at

Steve Levenstein is a writer based in Toronto, Canada. He will be on
the lookout for wild, wacky and wonderful new products and inventions from Japan to share with the readers of Steve is the
Assistant Editor of The Driver Magazine and has just set up his portfolio website.

Tech Gone Awry, is a writer from Washington. He will be one of our Technology Writers and will use his unique talent for mixing science fiction and science fact to evaluate current developing technologies for the readers of

We're very excited to have these writers join us. Please give them a warm welcome by providing lots of feedback on what they have to share with you.

Thanks, Team