Smart Cookie Fortune Ball

Smart Cookie Fortune BallSmart Cookie Fortune BallI found this on a site called ‘' and must say it awakened the lost child in me. As a kid I used to love eating fortune cookies and reading my fortunes on the little bits of paper inside.

Now there is a new cookie ball which holds little bits of wisdom, some of which left me wondering whether I really read it right.

They did not qualify as wisdom or as fortune for the day, but definitely managed to bring a smile to my lips.

Some of the ‘ancient wisdom' one is likely to read includes

  • Future sticky like rice
  • You don't wonton know
  • Answer sweet and sour
  • Don't mock the cookie
  • Try the eggroll
  • Cookie busy - try later

There are as many as 21 such pieces of wisdom and this whacky cookie ball costs only $9.99. Quite a steal.

I would love to get my hands on the Smart Cookie Fortune Ball , and get a good laugh if not a bit of wisdom and my fortune. (Via: perpetual

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
Inventor Spot

May 15, 2007
by Anonymous Mr. Cook (not verified)


From the examples, it sounds like the fortunes were made by a fortune cookie rookie.