SnuggleTite Slumber Bag

The blanket baby can't kickoff Warm and Snug like a Mother's Hug A Safe alternative for loose blankets. For the Comfort of your baby and for a parent's peace of mind. Using straps and clips for easy and comfortable tightening ensuring the child won't kick the blanket off, slip down in the bag, or get tangled up in loose bedding. With the unique design, allows room for a child's growth and is easily zipped open for use as a regular blanket. Removable pillow pad for an older child. Two way zipper, for easy diaper change, 100% cotton outer shell, high loft polyester fiberfill. Great for cottage, boating, camping for those cool nights.
Patent Number: #7013507
Invention Status: manufactured and available through web-site

Keywords: sleeping aid, slumber, nap, blanket, camping, boating, cottage, comfort, safe alternative, peace of mind, swaddle, cozy