Grow a Garden From Your Soap Box

How do you get a garden from a soap box (yes, I am talking about the box your soap comes in)?

By soaking one of Pangea Organics' (an organic skincare line) biodegradable and plantable soap boxes in water for about a minute. Then plant the box in the dirt about 1 inch deep. The box will begin to decompose and within a few days you will see it grow into a flowering Amaranth.

For a garden of edible Genovese Sweet Basil, you'll have to buy their facial care products.

How is this possible?

It's all in the packaging. With the help of Seeds to Change (the largest producer of organic seeds), Pangea Organics created packaging that was made from 100% recycled newsprint (no glue or dyes) and combined it with seeds.

What's In the Box?

If you like Pangea's packaging ideas, rest assured that the products they sell in the packaging are nice too. Eco friendly and good for your body and skin, Pangea's products are made of whole organic herbal extracts and whole organic essential oils. No harmful ingredients are used.

In recognition for their environmental smarts, Pangea Organics has received several awards, including: 1st place in the category of "Green/Environmental Impact" at Natural Products Expo East in September 2005 and Best Packaging Award at Organic Products Europe in London in April 2006.

Thanks to Pangea's founder and CEO Joshua Onysko's passion for better world, one day we may be growing, cereal boxes, egg cartons, newspaper and more in our gardens, instead of throwing them in the trash and adding to the landfills. See Green Product Here

Also take a look at their seasonal gift sets. They come with plantable gift cards that grow wildflowers.


Gloria Campos-Hensley
Featured Blogger

Dec 1, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

This reminds me of the time a package of flower seeds

accidentally got wet.....and the seeds sprouted while in the package, grew out the seams, and I later successfully transplanted them. I believe they were "Candytuft".

May 12, 2007
by Chris Denny (not verified)


I love when a company markets a product in a way that is unique and fits with their philosophies and products.  What a great idea.