Solar Garden Light: Product Review

It was nice to finally have a chance to try out a solar garden light. I had considering purchasing one when Scientifics sent me one to review. I was impressed by the simplicity of this Solar Garden Light. There really is no wiring or assembly required. All I needed to do to make it work was take it out of the box, push a button to turn it on and then set it in the sun in my garden.

Because of the location of my garden -near my front porch- I was able to use it as a front porch light too. It isn't as bright as a traditional porch light, but it was bright enough to light the way. The nice soft white light looks nice in my garden and because the light weighs very little, it could also be easily placed anywhere. The Solar Garden Light also resembles a rock . This helps it blend into the garden.

The solar light is also a conversation starter. Everyone that comes to my home notices the light and asks me what it is and how it works. Pointing, I proudly explain the few mechanics I know, like: "The sun shines on this panel here. This panel is connected to a storage box here (battery). The storage box is connected to the bulbs here. These bulbs are inserted in this lamp here. Last have the sun shine on it all day (about 6 or more hours) and then at night it turns on automatically." Most of my visitors are fascinated by its simplicity and mention what they could save on electricity if they switched to solar panels. I agree.

The Solar Garden Light does have room for improvement thoug. For example, the light bulbs were easily knocked out of the lamp, on more than one occasion. I suspect this is due to the neighborhood cat or the heavy rains that we have had recently. I had to unglue the lamp from the rock to put the bulbs back in the lamp. I then stuck the lamp back in the rock and after each time it worked just fine. Because it is solar powered light, at night after rainy days the light is much dimmer and doesn't last as long as after a sunny day, as would be expected.

In addition, the garden light façade chipped easily at the bottom (within the first 4 days). I am not aware how. I have not seen it knocked over at any time, but again I assume it is either the cat or the heavy rains. This chip is large enough for slugs and snails to slime their way in. They love this sort of place. To be on the safe side I've put bait near by to catch the slugs and snails, just in-case. I have not had a problem yet.

Last, the fact that it is such a light rock could be a bad thing in bad weather or with animals around. I would really like a way to plant it firmly to the ground such as with a stake of sorts so that it cannot be easily knocked over. But for what it's worth, it's a nice addition to my garden. 

Update: This item is no longer available. Similar solar lights can be found here and here.

Gloria Campos-Hensley

Dec 4, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

is this made in China?

Is this products made in China?

Mar 16, 2008
by Anonymous

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