Solar Powered Hearing Aid

If you've ever thought that being green is a complete waste of time, the SolarAid might just change your mind. The SolarAid is a hearing aid created to make low-cost hearing aids for people in impoverished regions. Godisa Technologies, a Botswana company, designed and built this eco-friendly little device that sells for less than $100.

What makes it unique? The SolarAid, combines a small hearing aid and a lightweight solar charger which recharges 2 small batteries. The hearing aid batteries need to be recharged only every 4-6 days. Because the batteries are charged by the power of the sun there is no cost or need for the individual to continuously buy new replacement batteries. As a result, expensive replacement batteries are no longer an issue.

Godisa is Africa's only hearing aid manufacturer, and the only one in the world making hearing aids specifically for the sub-Saharan Africa environment. Godisa also employs 14 people, 10 of which are either deaf or physically challenged. In addition, Godisa is doing what it can to assist other non profit groups to produce their own SolarAid.

For more information on the hearing aid that is green and humanitarian, visit the Godisa website. Green Website Here

*Godisa means: to do something that is helping others to grow.

Gloria Campos-Hensley
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Jan 15, 2007
by Myra Per-Lee

Great find!

Gloria... I always read your columns and am continuously impressed by the items you find. This hearing aid is no exception. Finally, a hearing aid that costs no more than a pair of prescription eyeglasses! These hearing aids will enable many hard of hearing people to re-establish connections to their co-workers and social communities.

Myra Per-Lee Featured Blogger


Sep 11, 2008
by Anonymous

solar powerd stuff