Soltronics Solar Powered Headphone Radio : Product Review

Soltronix™ AM/FM Stereo Solar Charged Headset RadioSoltronix™ AM/FM Stereo Solar Charged Headset RadioSolar has come to a radio near you!

The radio is so near you, it's on your head! It's AM/FM stereo, has nice cushy earphones, great sound, and an Ni-MH battery charged by none other than the sun!

Unlike your garden's solar lights, you don't have to wait until dark to listen to the Soltronix™ Headphone Radio. The battery needs light to charge, but once it's powered, it will play for hours, day or night, outside or in.

The Soltonix Headphone AM/FM Stereo Radio uses a proprietary solar film technology by PowerFilm Inc. The film, a thin, inch-wide strip embedded across the top of the headphone, is used not as a power source, but as a charger for the Ni-MH AAA battery tucked into one of the ear pieces.

After leaving the headset in the morning sun for four hours, I was able to get just about 19 hours of play from the battery. It's nice that you don't have to worry about the battery getting too low; simply put the headphones back in the light again. Also, even if you can't get full sun, you will get a charge by exposing the headphone to clouds or haze... apparently, the radio can be charged by indoor light as well... but it might take more time to get a full charge.

As far as the sound goes on the headset, it's really crisp... I'd say as good as headphone amplifiers in the $100 to $150 range. I found the reception to be better than my home radios, but with AM and FM so much depends on the strength of the signal and various interferences.

Tuning a radio on your head while you're walking or trekking is awkward at first.Soltronix™ Ear Pieces Contain Radio ControlsSoltronix™ Ear Pieces Contain Radio Controls You have the AM/FM Stereo switch on the casing of the right ear along with the tuning dial and the on/off and E/bass switches on the left ear with the volume dial. Memorize these, lest you get a blast of bass when you intended to change the station. I do wish the radio was digital.

The Soltronix radio is equiped with two adjustable expanders to obtain a comfortable fit, the hard plastic rim that contains the solor cells and connects to the ear pieces and a more pliant band inside. I suppose the inside band acts as a cushion, distancing the hard plastic from your head. I do not need to expand the band for my head size, but positioning it on top of my head is not comfortable, so, I have to push the headband to the back of my head just wear the radio around my neck. My husband, however, who expanded the headset a few inches for the right fit, found it very comfortable.

For anyone who likes to keep up with the world, listen to music, or to their favorite radio talk show host while camping, exercising or doing chores, the Soltronix AM/FM Headset Radio is a sound piece of equipment available from Edmonds Scientifics. And if you're a camper, check out the solar oven while you're there!

Most of all, I love the idea that I only have to replace this radio's battery every two or three years. I save money and a little bit of the environment, as the Ni-MH battery contains no cadmium, nor does the PowerFilm.

This particular film is used in new construction and can be combined with a variety of building materials making it environmentally friendly and architecturally interesting. The film also has various military applications. To find out more about the film, visit PowerFilm, Inc. online. I think you'll find it interesting.

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