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If, like me, you are subjected to the oxymoronic woes of living in a tiny apartment in a big city, take a few minutes a day to visit and get some helpful ideas on how to make even the smallest spaces work for you.

Being back in New York City is great, but making the most out of my apartment—which I share with two other roommates-—was hardly a walk in Central Park. We found this website and now have a few great tips on what we can do with the meager rooms in our place. The key to most of the rooms on the website is that they employ smart uses of color, design and functionality to make small spaces seem larger and more comfortable. The worst thing you can do is become discouraged by your apartment and simply give up because you think it's not worth it. This is rarely the case, so hit up an IKEA or other good cheap furniture store and find pieces that fit your space and personality. The website also offers great ideas for the types of furniture and decorations you can use to enhance mini-living.

Another plus of Apartment Therapy is that they have an annual contest for the"smallest coolest apartments." Thus, if the website so inspires you to amp up your place, enter it for next years competition and maybe win a spending credit at Design Within Reach, another great space for the budget-minded-space-challenged dweller.

My roommates and I have become obsessed with this website, and no doubt my fellow tenants out there will too. Fear not the small space. Embrace it and make it your own. You'll impress not only others, but yourself as well.

Seth Plattner
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