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Science and Space - New Discoveries, Research, Studies And Breakthroughs

Curious about recent discoveries and breakthroughs related to space and science? Interested in the latest research findings in biology, physics, chemistry or the applied sciences or in astronomy and space exploration? Please visit us often to get the most interesting news and updates on the study of science and space.

Some of our more popular articles include:

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Human Powered Helicopter Wins Sikorsky Prize

A team from Canada managed to create the first human-powered helicopter, winning a $250,000 prize for a competition that had remained open for over 20 years, a first and great innovation in aeronautics. The winning flight was done in a stadium last month.

Grade Schools Kids Make Robots

When it comes to building a robot how young is too young? A class of primary school children at Princeton Friends School, which is based in the city of Princeton, New Jersey, is doing just that. The kids, as young as the age of 11, are building bots with 3D printers. 

How Do Humans Want to Interact with Robots?

When all the hardware is strung thogether and all of the code has been written you have a robot on hand. The question is how do you want to interact with them once they are built? One team of researchers is trying to figure out that question right now.

Sphere Bot Can Go Anywhere

A new sphere shaped robot designed by a team at the Robotics and Cybernetics Research Group at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is designed to move in places where normal robots fear to tread. The robots spherical shape allows it to go places where others cannot.

NASA Puts Robot Control in Space

A team at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has recently completed a new test on robots. In what could be dubbed the ultimate in remote contol a team on the  International Space Station has  been able to control a robot on earth in real time. This test will help with future bot visits to other planets. 

Soccer Robots Hope to Take on Human Players Some Day

A strange sporting contest is currently taking place in the Ducth city of Eindhoven. The town is currently home to about 40 teams of robots that are playing soccer. The tournament, which has been dubbed RoboCup is looking for the best in sports androids. The eventual goal, to beat human players. 

From STEM To STEAM, Cloud Filmmaker Joined British Airways' Innovators In The Clouds

Traveling with top-flight innovators is a heady experience under normal circumstances. However, when you conduct a think-tank 30,000 feet above terra firma, it's a whole new ballgame. Such was the case when award-winning filmmaker and founder of the Webbie Awards, Tiffany Shlain took to the creative skies with 130 techie-elite from the Silicon Valley. In fact, there was so much to absorb, it will take her a couple of months to document her experience on film.

University of Bremen Makes Ape Robot

A research team from the University of Bremen in Germany as created a robot that looks, and walks, like a monkey. The ape has big arms that drag on the ground. The research is being funded by the German Aerospace Center, to the tune of about $3.9 million.

Japan to Bring First Robot to Space

The peole of Japan are about to have their very own astro-first in the international community. They may not have been the first to get a man into the void, Russia holds that honor, but they are getting a pretty cool record. They are putting the first robot into space. Kirobo will be visiting the International Space Station this summer.

5D Behavior Engine to Help Robots Path Plan

For a robot gettinga round without tripping over everything in the way can be hard. The folks over at Segway Inc are looking to help robots get around more easily. The new platform they are developing, dubbed the  5D Behavior Engine, is designed to help in path planning on the go.