Speech to Text helps Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Spinal Injuries Association defines carpal tunnel syndrome as: “A common, painful condition of the wrist and hand due to nerve compression within the soft tissues due to inflammatory swelling or trauma.” Carpal tunnel may affect anyone from tennis players to cashiers. However, a growing number of computer related occupations have been added to the list. Due to constant typing and movements of the wrist, frequent internet users need to be aware of the ramifications and learn a few preventative measures. If carpal tunnel syndrome is left unchecked, it can lead to a permanent disability.

Extreme cases may require surgery or the use of medication, even hand injections to deal with the pain. Muscles in the hand can become numb and over time complete sensation can be lost. Regular exercise can help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from developing or help the pain caused by it. However, exercise doesn’t guarantee that you won’t develop the syndrome. I’m not trying to scare anyone here with this information. I just want our readers to know that there is more to take into account when coming online than just computer viruses.

In addition to carpal tunnel, our vision can also be damaged from long term computer use. We may develop back pains if don’t have proper seating. Our leg muscles may become weak over time due to prolonged sitting, preventing the flow of our bloods circulation. If you are experiencing any of these types of problems, I would suggest you contact a doctor immediately. After all, I’m not a doctor. I just play one on the internet!

Speech to Text

One of the many solutions to combat the development of carpal tunnel syndrome is to stop typing all together. How plausible is it to tell someone in the data entry field to put away there keyboards for good? It’s not as crazy as you may think!

There are several speech to text applications on the market used in many ways. Speech to text takes your spoken words and translates them into text. It’s as simple as that. The article you are reading now may not even have been typed by me but actually may have been dictated and converted into text by a speech to text program.

Talk it Type it 2 Ultra

XPressionsMedia has developed a cd-rom speech to text application so you never have to type again. Once installed, you train the software to recognize your voice and it’s ready to use. If you can speak faster than you can type, then you can see how this application will save you time. Song writers can sing their lyrics and have them typed up for easy distribution. It can be saved in many Microsoft formats. This program is compatible in Word, Word Perfect, Excel and Open Office just to name a few. You could lie in bed and speak random thoughts while meditating, take notes, or leave yourself reminders. Telemarketers can read their phone conversations to check their grammar and make changes. The many everyday uses are tremendous.


Voice Navigation
. Instead of clicking on an object such as a desktop icon, you would speak a corresponding letter or number to activate it. It would have the same function as if you had pointed and clicked.

Transcriber. Turn recorded speech into text using this function. You can train the software to recognize your favorite artist voice and get the lyrics to your favorite songs. This is also a perfect tool for someone who gives lectures. Easily turn your speech into text and put it on the internet for others to read.

Chat rooms. Whether it’s for business or personal use, you can save time by speaking in live chats. It’s compatible with AOL instant messenger and other chat clients.

System Requirements:

Intel Pentium III/500Mhz processor (or equivalent AMD processor 128 mb RAM 400MB free hard disk space CD-ROM drive required for installation Headset Microphone Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher Microsoft Windows XP/Millennium/2000/98/NT 4.0 (with service pack 6) Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 or equivalent sound card voice.


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There is a direct connection between prolonged computer use and carpal tunnel syndrome. Talk it Type it 2 Ultra is a great tool to use for people suffering and one of many ways to fight it. In addition, this program can create free time for anyone to do the things they enjoy in life.

Imani Peterson
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