11 Foolish Ways We Spoil Our Kids

What's with all the toys we buy our kids?

Perhaps I am getting old and am too much of a curmudgeon, but does it ever strike you that our country is slowly going daft?

I was sitting at a restaurant the other day, watching a mom and a dad arguing with their little girl about whether the dad should take a new job. I couldn't help overhearing (because I was concentrating really hard to catch everything), but it sounded like the new job offered a lot more pay and was a good opportunity. The problem was that Brat (who looked about 4 years old) was screaming at the top of her lungs that she did not want to move away from her friends. This ridiculous tantrum inspired weepy mom to say that perhaps it would be better if dad did not accept the better job.

Is she absolutely out of her mind? Does Brat have the analytical ability to decide whether dad should pursue the opportunity for a better life or is she still trying to understand the concept of next year?

It's clear that the parents had lost control of their petulant daughter, but I also thought it clear that they had also lost control of their senses.

This incident got me wondering about whether we have gone too far in spoiling our children. We let them make decisions they should not make, do things they should not be doing and buy junk they should not have. I think some of us may spoil our children too much, and in that way perhaps fail our kids as parents.

I think the way we have come to overly spoil our kids is obvious in the stuff that we buy for them. With that idea as my inspiration this week, here are my 11 finds for the foolish ways we spoil our kids:

11. Grocery Cart Quilted Covering Pad

The merchant for this item says: "You're at the store with your precious little baby as you turn to select an item from the shelf. What horror awaits your return to the cart? Well, there's your sweet little flower enjoying the shopping cart handle as if it were a lollipop. Yuck! Many of us have experienced that scene and wondered just how many other babies did that today. Now you can eliminate the creepy crawlies with an inexpensive solution known as the Clean Shopper! - the cotton, quilted grocery-cart cover..."

I am wondering what do we you need this for? Isn't it just as easy to swipe the cart with a disinfectant wipe and cushion the baby with the blanket than it is to buy, lug around and put on a cover for the grocery cart every time you go shopping with the baby? I am told it's one of the most popular items at the Baby-Wise.com, but I don't understand why people would waste their money on this. I think the sheer popularity of this item shows how clearly whacked most of America is, don't you? If you had to get a specific item to minimize every risk a kid faces, you would be buried alive in stuff and absolutely penniless. Germs help babies build up immunities so they don't die when they are adults!!! Buy It Here.

10. Deluxe Oral Care Kit for Infants (i.e. babies without teeth)

The merchant for this item says that "The Deluxe Oral Care Kit ... is a comprehensive, 8-piece kit that provides all the essentials in one convenient bag, includes...
* Angled mirror - helps parents examine "hard to see" areas in child's mouth
* Gum massager - provides gentle relief to baby's gums when teething
* Stand - allows for convenient bathroom storage of the 4 most used items
* Sterilizer - can rest the toothbrush in microwaved water to sterilize
* Travel finger brush - provides greater control for massaging a young baby's gums when they start teething." Buy it here.

This is the type of product I really don't understand. I mean, how do you think we all managed to grow teeth without an eight piece deluxe teething kit? Don't you think this is a bit of overkill here? The kit includes a "special gum meassager". Isn't a clean finger and washcloth enough for temporary teeth that are going to fall out anyway?

9. Talking Toilet Paper Holder

The merchant says "The Potty Mate Talking Toilet Roll Holder is a new potty training system that makes potty training easy...Kit includes a patented re-recordable toilet paper holders, potty training guide and toilet training reward stickers." See it here.

We spend enough time hovering over the kids. If they are potty trained enough for you not to be there talking them through the process, why the heck do they need to hear your voice there with them. I go to the bathroom to have some peace and quiet. Why can't you let the kids have some free time too? No one needs to hear your yapper cooing "Good Boy" all day long.


8. Faux Fur Bedding for the Bed-Wetting Baby

The merchant says "This is the most fabulous line of faux fur bedding.... It is made with Italian faux fur and it is pure luxury. Spoil your child .... Available in a variety of faux fur choices with satin or fleece backing combinations. Dry clean only. "

So how does it make sense to have toddlers who are barely able to hold their pee all through the night sleep in fur lined bedding that can only be dry cleaned? It makes no sense to me.



7. Giant Kid's Exercise "Gaming" System

The merchant says "Kilowatt Gaming System (on sale from $1200, now for $674.99) Develop your gaming skills while you build-up your muscles–not to mention your stamina. The KiloWatt Gaming System is a life-size video/computer game controller. You have to keep moving in order to control the game, and the more vigorous you are, the more control you have." See it here.

In spite of all the good intentions, adults who buy exercise equipment rarely use them. They end up collecting dust and being used as a very expensive clothes hanger. So what makes anyone think that kids will want to have their own exercise machines in their rooms and actually use it? Do they really think that calling it a "gaming system" is going to fool kids into exercising in their rooms?


6. Baby Knee Pads

The merchant explains "Knee pads prevent baby's knees from becoming cut, grazed or red & sore... Knee pads are secured with velcro straps for a comfortable fit and a happy baby!... Traction beads embossed on to the Neoprene enhanced traction and prevented slipping... Knee pads protect a baby from early crawling right up until he is riding his first bike." See it here.

What is your baby crawling through that it needs knee pads, broken glass and hot charcoal? Knees were created so that we can scrape them, bruise them and abuse them. If you cushion every single source of possible pain for your baby, the baby will grow up unable to deal with the daily pain life always finds a way of dishing out. I never heard of a baby crying because its knees were sore, so save your money for a good helmet and knee pads for when the kid is moving more than at crawl speed.



Jul 6, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

WOW! You did come back with a bang!

After reading and agreeing with most of what you wrote, I thought that the various manufacturers of these products are taking the parents for a ride. So, the last picture is not that of a "horsy ride", but of a saddle to ride an ass.

Since it is expensive today to raise kids, they are referred to as "economic burdens". The man in the last picture captures the essence of parents as "beasts of burdens".

Yes, many kids today are spoiled and unappreciative. What adds insult to injury is that they got that way through their parents' credit card debt!!!!!

Jul 7, 2006
by Anonymous F.L. (not verified)

Well Done, Amused and Bemused!

But I must nonetheless offer my perceptions!

(11) Grocery Cart Quilted Covering Pad
--That's a stroller for E.T.'s baby girl, I.C.
--Other aliens, such as Michael Jackson, use them to conceal their kids' faces when going into public grocery stores to get some Peter Pan or to take moon walks

(10) Deluxe Oral Care Kit for Infants
--That's a Baby's Breath Preserver
--No floss (tsk, tsk by the ADA!) and no Listerine--which is the formula for puke breath in its infancy

( 9) Talking Toilet Paper Holder
--How ironic: Just when you can stop Pampering your kid now that s/he is using the toilet, the toilet starts pampering the kid!
--I think this is also available in double and triple rolls for twins and triplets who want to go together, but this may result in some wet sheets

( 8) Faux Fur Bedding for the Bed Wetting Baby
--This is treading on the Piss Sac guy's invention! It amounts to making the bed-wetter wear a raincoat to bed instead of Pea-Js

( 7) Giant Kid's Exercise "Gaming" System
--This is NOT kid-proof: Strenuous exercise can be avoided if the bathroom doorclip is used to attach this contraption to a hand-held game

( 6) Baby Knee Pads
--If only they could stay little 'til their Guarders wear out!
--I see nothing wrong with making Creepy Crawlers out of the little imps

( 5) Designer Crystal Dispenser
--This was originally designed as a surreptitious crystal rock dispenser for Elvis Pezley so that he could smuggle in some Jailhouse Rock

( 4) Obscenely Extravagant Toy Mansion
--Other models are available for the lower classes:
(A) A cheap 6' shoe for poor soles and
(B) In the shape of an 8 for those eligible for subsidized Section 8 Housing
--Latter comes with free cockroaches and rats but no furniture

( 3) Budweiser Beer Miniature Truck
--This clearly enables bottle-raised babies to be more mobile than breast-fed ones, but they may end up less independent if they get confined on a DUI rap

--I KNOW the bottleslingguy is going to go nuts when he reads about "bottles" here! (Please check out his invention before he totally melts.)

( 2) Solid Gold Pacifier with 278 Diamonds
--These are for babies who are used to sucking on the $20,000 breasts that their mothers have after undergoing enhancement surgery. You couldn't possibly expect these babies to advance to sucking on a $2 pacifier, could you? The next stage, afterall, is silver spoons

( 1) Riding Saddle for Your Back
--Ass's saddle sounds about right!
--Instead of a rocking horse, this is a Kentucky Daddy who is off his rocker. It is an improvement over the Romper Room horse's head on a broom stick, but will it sell? I vote "neigh"

Jul 7, 2006
by Michelle
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Hey Anonymous

I want you to go register for our site, please!! I think people are looking forward to your comments so it would be great for people to be able to find your postings easily.

So, don't waste your talent...go register!



Jul 7, 2006
by Andy (not verified)

More money than they know what to do with

It is amazing that there are things like this for parents. I'm sure that these few selections are just the tip of the iceburg. The cloth kinda makes sense, but why do that when you can buy products like viraguard that sprays on the cart. Lots cheaper if you are worried about germs. (I had to use viraguard because my wife is a nurse and they are real bad about germs.)

If people were to buy some of these items, I wish that they would donate to my paypal account with all of this extra money ;)


Jul 7, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

We are deliberately causing

We are deliberately causing devolution. Reminds me
of my sister in law saying "only Osh Kosh is good enough
for my baby".

Kid turned out to be a class A turd with no concept of

Jul 7, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

lol i like the talking

lol i like the talking toilet thing, i wouldn't talk to my kids i'd be playing pranks on people XD.

Jul 7, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


Great article.I have stumbled it for you.This may explain the rise in pampered brats we are seeing i.e anyone younger than me!

Jul 7, 2006
by Amused and Bemused

Thanks for Voting for Me Stumblers!

Thanks Anonymous and to all the other Stumble Upon voters who have voted "I Like It" for this article.

If you are a Stumble member, I would very much appreciate your voting for this article if you like it.

I actually think this is one of my better works, although I do sound a bit cranky - don't I?



Jul 7, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Your article is absolutely

Your article is absolutely on the money. As a society, we have really gone insance. When I see all the crap people keep buying and buying, I am simply amazed.

Great article. I am sending it to my DIL, maybe she'll get the not so sublt hint. LOL

Jul 8, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

some of those are not spoiling your kids

The pez and pacifier are like collector items. Much like the diamond encrusted Monopoly game is. Not so much for spoiling your kids.
The cart quilted pad is not such a bad idea same thing as bringing a seat cushion to a basketball game.
I don't see anything wrong with the toothbrush 8 pack. If you buy it and use it it means you actually care for your kid. The way the article stated it as we should just shove them with sugar since their teeth are going to fall out anyway.
The talking toilet paper holder is just a gimmick. I wouldn't be surprised if a parent bought that if it would last a week before it was thrown out.
For the gaming system most adults would see the price tag and not even give it a second look. So you can scratch that one off the list.
The knee pads are ok but I see them being thrown in a corner more than being used.
The toy mansion would be for celebrities who want their kids out of their hair. As I ride up and down the streets I havn't seen any, so scratch that one off the list.
The Budweiser truck is more like a Guy ego thing. Look what I bought the kid today a Budweiser truck, but little Johhny is not allowed to ride it. Oh thats cool. There are tons of Power Wheels that are just as good and those should be on the list.
The daddle is just plain ridiculous. I see people saying I wouldn't use it but wouldn't be a nice gift for the a Armstrong Family they are always playing with their kids.
The only one on the list that seem like your spoiling your kids is the Faux fur bedding. I imagine most parents would have it dry cleaned once or twice and then stick it in the closet or donate it. Come up with a new list. There is a differnce between spoiling your kids or just coming up with expensive kid items that only a a few people could buy. These items would remind me of a celebrity brat. I said I wanted a two story mansion play house. This is only one story I hate you.

Jul 8, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

One you didn't include

One item you didn't include was child sized recliners. That should definatly be on the list.

Jul 8, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

For the one who told Amused

For the one who told Amused to get a new list, give me a break.

You are just a perfect example of what is wrong with our society. Buying crap for whatever reason and wasting money. If you buy it as a "collector" or as an "ego thing", how is that not spoiling kids.

Just rationalize away the fact that this article is talking about you and people like you.

You just explained all the reason to buy this crap...but I don't see anything by you saying its good for the kids or educational or will theach them good values.

A porsche is just as useful as a used honda, but one would be a clear spoil the 16th birthday present.

Jul 8, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

"Come Up With A New List"???????

The list is fine as is if you add one word to your vocabulary list: "sarcasm".

Jul 8, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Man with the riding saddle

He is preparing for a new horse race: Freakness

Jul 8, 2006
by Anonymous BLUE SUEDE SHOES (not verified)

Elvis Pezley: Return to Sender!

I GOTTA KNOW: Are you asserting that he also had a Contra Band?

If you ASK ME, you're the DEVIL IN DISGUISE. DON'T BE CRUEL. I WAS THE ONE who had a BURNING LOVE for MY BOY when he was WAY DOWN. I FEEL SO BAD. Don't be surprised if you see me CRYING IN THE CHAPEL.

Jul 8, 2006
by paulb (not verified)

Yes ..... and no

Do your research next time. The game "system" is not a system but a controller to use WITH an XBOX or a PS2. The Bud Truck is NOT intended for shildren but an adult who likes toys, such as my self :) Just because you as an adult wouldn't buy it doesn't mean that another adult wouldn't. We all have different tastes.

Jul 8, 2006
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

These are just Amused's opinions...

People read his stuff just to see what he was able to find for this weeks article. I can't believe what he comes up with, even when I don't always agree with his choices.

Yes, there is a heavy dose of sarcasm/ silliness in what he writes. IT"S A BIG JOKE!

He wants his stuff to create discussion and dialogue. As he often says, "one fools wacky is another fools cool." So this is a great article for creating discussion.

It'd be fun to be able to vote on whether this stuff is crazy or cool. I am going to see if we can do voting for this.

AmericanInventorSpot.com Team Member

Jul 10, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Truth hurts

...but at least I've never bought any of those things for MY brat.

Jul 11, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

The Vote Is Already In!

It's a very cool craziness.

Jul 13, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Is it just me or does the

Is it just me or does the boy in front of the mansion only have one leg?

Jul 14, 2006
by Anonymous Mr. Bentknee (not verified)

"Is it just you?"

No, it's the subtle mannerisms of the elite.

The kids in front of the mansion are the young heirs to their wealthy parents' fortune. If you look at the girl on the left, you will notice that she has to hold her leg up slightly in the heir. Similarly, the boy's lower left leg isn't visible because he is airrogant, knows he has a leg up on his peers, and wants to show off his bentafactor status. He has legs, but no kneeds.

Aug 2, 2006
by Mom2fur (not verified)

Spoiling kids

Oh, please don't call that child a brat. I feel terribly sorry for her! What kind of nutcases burden a 4-year-old baby with something like that? The parents didn't lose control of her...they never had it in the first place, I'll bet. Brats are made, not born...it's 100% the parents' fault. Who's the adult here, anyway? I hope they're socking away some savings for her future therapy, 'cause I bet she's gonna need it.
As far as the products...the shopping cart thingie isnt' so bad. You can get them pretty cheap or even make one. But those knee pads? Are they kidding?

Nov 9, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

these items are not insane i

these items are not insane i had a pacifier just like it when i was younger, the fur bedding so it just would be a lot more nicer to sleep on. the mansion another thing i had as a child the only thing that is a bit insane is the daddle as most perents that can afford this stuff get nannys to raise there child/children which i also have nothing agenst

Nov 18, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

knee pads aren't all bad...

I stumbled on this article because I was actually looking for the knee pads! I know they seem silly but my little one has eczema and really dry skin...the carpet will really tear him up when he starts crawling. So I see a $25.00 pair of knee pads as an easy solution that beats new flooring! I think getting new flooring so baby won't get torn up knees would be classified as spoiling. As for the other stuff (except the shopping cart thing which as a nurse I can see the need for), give me a break...the author is right on.

Aug 7, 2008
by Anonymous

Debating on ordering the knee pads myself

I am very close to my parents so my son spends a lot of time at their house. They live in the parsonage of a small town Baptist church so the carpet hasn't been replaced in years. It's old and rough. My son just started crawling a few days ago so we went to visit my parents. They couldn't wait to see him crawl! He crawled maybe a foot then laid down and cried. I brushed it off as fussiness and said we'd try again later. I noticed his knees were red but as the night went on, they didn't get any better. He only crawled about a foot and had terrible rug burn on both knees. I also have hard wood floors throughout my house and I'm not sure how he'll do on those yet as he is my first child.
I did find on Onestepahead.com cushoined knee protectors that look like thick tube socks for only around $6. I may try those first. I tried making my own with tall socks but they were either too thin, too tight at the band, or too loose and rolled down. If all else fails, I'll buy the knee pads. Call it spoiling if you want, but I will spend $20 to ensure my child is able to develop his motor skills without pain.

Aug 7, 2008
by Anonymous

Own and Recommend the Cart Cover

I received a cart cover as a gift before my son was born. True, I feel as though people view me as overprotective when we stroll down the aisle but I love mine for many reasons.
1) Support- The straps held my son in place when he was too young to sit unsupported but too old to sit in his infant seat during the entire trip. He was also 9lb 1 oz when he was born. I was 110 before I got pregnant so carrying him through the store feels like walking 3 miles with my spine twisted like a question mark.
2) Padding- My son loves to rock back and forth so much he has a constant red mark on his back from the highchair and bath tub. He gets excited when he sees people, toys, lights, etc. in the store and begins to rock. The metal cart bars hurt.
3) Toys- Because it covers the entire seat, I can sit toys next to him or he can drop toys and pick them up himself without them falling onto the dirty floor or in between the bars into the cart and right onto my frozen hamburger. The cloth that covers the handle bars also has three short straps that attach to toys.
4) Germs- The fact that prevents my son from licking, chewing, or touching the germ infested handle is not my primary reason for using the cart cover but it is definitely an added bonus.
5) Safety- I know I can use a disinfectant wipe or spray but how about those seat belts? If they are functional, they are disgusting! The seat belts are there for a reason. Sometimes I have to step away from the front of the cart to unload groceries or grab an item. Without a belt, he is still small enough to either slide too far to one side and fall over or completely fall out. The seat belt also provides me a few seconds of reaction time if a stranger tries to take him out. Maybe I'm overprotective but those aren't risks I'm willing to take... EVER!
Although my cover folds into an attached bag just slightly larger than my fist, I don't mess with it if I'm just running in for a box of diapers but it is great to have for hour long grocery trips!

Feb 28, 2009
by Anonymous

mind ur own bussiness

lol, o.k old person, i'm 12 years old and i know that you think, parents are spoiling their

children too much, and it's ok 2 to give ur opinion, but, don't u think, u should be minding ur own business??, i mean "so??" what if parents are spoiling their children,

they can if they want to, and they can if they got the cash. ~ ~

Feb 28, 2009
by Anonymous

my sis

ur sooooo right, like, for example, my pig of a sister, she's 12 years old, and she gets whatever she wants, a macbook air, ipod, iphone, she's an apple fan i'm 10 years old, her little brother, i think, my parents are spoiling her!! : (