Squeaky Squid Clean

Our Guest Blogger, Mia Levine, was a web content writer and creative talent with over ten years experience within the high tech industry. Two children later, her focus has changed. She now spends her time finding new and innovative products that are fascinating and fun to both parents and kids. She likes products that are natural, environmentally friendly, and toxic-free.

Here's her article for the readers of AmericanInventorSpot.com:

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If you're looking for a way to entice your kiddos to wash their hands -- and wash ‘em good -- the folks at SquidSoap can help.

SquidSoap is a cool soap dispenser which actually teaches and trains children how to thoroughly wash their hands. When you push down on the SquidSoap pump, a marker deposits a kid-safe ink dot on your hand. The ink washes off as you scrub and disappears after about 15-20 seconds - the recommended time for hand washing by the United States Center of Disease Control.

According to the SquidSoap website, the ink is water-based and is even edible! While I don't encourage licking the pump, you can be assured that the ink itself is totally safe. My only concern is that the soap contains sodium laureth sulfate, which we tend to steer clear of at our house. My solution is to use my own "safer" soap in the dispenser. The ink is designed to last until the soap is gone, but you can refill the container. Eventually, the marker will become less effective as the ink is used up.

My kids love any sort of stamp on their hands, so this soapy cephalopod will have a permanent home on our sink. The stretchy squid is also removable as a toy. You can re-use the soap container in another bathroom or kitchen too.

SquidSoap is just starting to hit the shelves for $3.99 at Albertson's and more stores after the New Year, but you can find it online at Walgreens or directly at Squidsoap.com.

Mia Levine
Guest Blogger