Apple's new iPod Shuffle EXCLUSIVE!

The New ipod Shuffle!Unless you live under a rock, you’ve likely heard about Steve Jobs' latest and greatest Apple releases.

We could write a brief summary of all the cool features. But frankly, if you want a great summary of the good stuff from people that were actually there, just click here. It’ll fire you over to our friends at Engadget. (Ok… they’re not actually our friends. But they rock.) What we do have is an EXCLUSIVE PHOTO of Steve with his latest accessory – the iPod shuffle. As Steve said, "Pretty Cool, huh?"

What more is there to say other than we hope to someday also be invited to press conferences for new product releases from Apple. But until then... Click here for more apple news.

Here are a few photos from the website of the shuffle and the new ipod nano:

ipod nano - new and improvedipod nano - new and improvedipod shuffleipod shuffle
Sep 13, 2006
by Ryan Block (not verified)


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