Secure Portable Storage At The Touch Of A Finger

Everyone loves those little USB flash drives (UFDs), and what's not to love? These powerful, portable memory devices have the added attraction of looking sleek and stylish. What's more, prices have gone down to the point where one can conceivably carry a different USB key each day, color coordinated to complement your wardrobe. Of course, there's a downside - the small size and convenient portability of UFDs makes them frighteningly easy to misplace or worse, be stolen. It should be also noted that as larger capacity USB drives hit the market, it only goes to follow that you'll have much more data to lose.

Fear not, there's a solution: the protected USB flash drive. While not a new concept in itself, the latest secure UFDs combine generous storage capacities with the reliable security features users have long demanded. Typical of this new breed is the SanDisk Cruzer® Profile USB Flash Drive , currently available in 512MB and 1GB models. The Profile series of SanDisk flash drives incorporates a biometric sensor that responds to a simple swipe of your fingertip by giving you access to every last "bit" of your stored data.

The biometric sensor doesn't draw upon an on-board power source nor has any moving parts to wear out - like all UFDs it draws power from whichever computer it's plugged into at the time. SanDisk's Profile series drives feature a clever design that positions the biometric sensor safely inside the drive, revealed only when the two halves of the casing are separated. Don't worry about losing half a casing either - they're attached by a short connecting cable. It's likely that protected UFDs like the SanDisk Cruzer® Profile USB Flash Drive will become the standard for the genre as memory sizes rise and prices fall. From corporate chieftains concealing quarterly quotas down to serious students safeguarding school assignments, we all need a "little" protection now and then!

The SanDisk Cruzer® Profile USB Flash Drive is available direct from the manufacturer or through online resellers such as Amazon . Prices remain under $100 for both sizes.

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer

May 24, 2007
by LA Magazine (not verified)

USB rocks!

I have a SanDisk 1 GB U3 key and I am as please as I can be. I love this things they are versitile. They allow you to carry your files in your keychain and I don't think I could live without one of this anymore. Well said guys,

A. Matthews