Tea Stick for a Stylish Cuppa

Tea lovers of the world enjoy! Finally some one has had the brain wave to develop a "Tea Stick" to rid all of you (and me) from the hassles of tea brewing.

Yes, tea bags have been there for donkeys' years, but they have their inherent problems. I personally find them quite ugly, they take away half the charm of drinking tea. I mean, one wants to sit back, relax and surrender oneself to the aroma, the taste, the whole experience, really get in to the mood, and standing in a kitchen brewing a cup or dipping a tea bag kills most the charm, the style, the atmosphere...don't' you think so?

The Gamila Company has created a Tea Stick that promises to bring back the lost joys of tea drinking. Connoisseurs of tea will love this innovative new product.

A slim, sleek stainless steel tube with perforations along its body, it is the ultimate infuser for tea enthusiasts. Tea drinking is an art, and this Tea Stick reflects the aesthetic tradition of this social activity.

Before the days of tea bags and instant teas, loose tea leaves were the order of the day. Drinking tea was a ritual that required love, patience, an understanding of leaves, taste and aroma. The Tea Stick reawakens that old world era. But before you start wondering about its use in modern life, let me assure you that it is durable enough for industrial use. There are no breakable mechanisms, and it is perfect for medium sized unbroken tea leaves.

The perforations along the body encourage optimum flow for perfect steeping of leaves. You like your tea in a dainty china cup? Or perhaps a huge ceramic mug? Or maybe a basic tumbler or glass...despair not, for the Tea Stick fits beautifully in most cups, glasses and mugs. The size of the tea stick is ideal for a 10 to 14 ounce cup of tea.

So for that perfect cup of tea, scoop the leaves into the stick, slide down the cover and drop the Tea Stick into a really hot cup of water. Add sugar, lemon or cream as desired and a heavenly cup of tea is ready.

Do be cautious about the hot water.

Priced at $18, the Tea Stick from The Gamila Company promises to add to your tea, style, taste and substance.

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
American Inventor Spot

Mar 22, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

it looks like

a refillable/reusable tampon or an artificial cow inseminator.