Sun Jar : To Lighten Up Your Nights

Sun Jar is a jar with the Sun in it.

No, it’s not a toy nor is it some form of voodoo magic. It’s a simple yet stylistic jar which absorbs the sunlight during the daytime and glows incandescently by night.Created by hot avant-garde designer Tobi Wong, it's a classic in the making. The frosted glass jar is fitted with a solar panel or a solar cell, battery and LED lights.

Sun Jar by Day

Sun Jar by Day

Simply put this little gizmo on your window shelf throughout the day so that it collects the sunshine and you can watch the Sun Jar glow in the night. It needs to be charged for 3 complete hours to give you 5 hours of continuous glow.

Its muted glow makes it an ideal light as a night lamp for your children’s room, a homey look for your kitchen or to add that magical touch to your evening.

Sun Jar by Night

Sun Jar by Night

It’s a feel good factor for the ecologist in you, money saving device for the penny pincher and for the avant-garde a harmonious blend of the old world design with the latest in gadgetry. You can even use the Sun Jar for that barbeque in the garden (It’s water- proof too!) It’s pleasing to the eye as the hardware inside is not visible. The Sun Jar definitely beats catching fireflies on a hot summer night and bunging them in a jar.

Available at: Firebox for $39.20. Also at Amazon.

Kavita Mathur
Gadgets Writer- My Blog
Mar 30, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Bright Idea!

That's pretty neat (except for the price).