TechSelector Saves the Day for Non-Geeks

How often have you stood at a gadgets store knowing what you want yet unable to buy as the variety of choices in terms of brands, features, prices etc. simply leave you more confused than what you were before you entered the store?

It's a sad world for all the non-geeks. They may have money but they do not have the knowledge about the gadgets that could make their lives simpler and more fun. The search engines are there to guide them but sometimes they can be a little overwhelming as their details are overwhelming. You may want to buy a simple MP3 Player but with no clue about what to look for in a MP3 Player. Obviously, the next step is to check out the shopping search engines for all possible options. Most shopping sites will give the specs yet not be able to help you decide what to buy.


The people behind startup company TechSelector had an idea which, like most great ideas, seems obvious once you see it. Here's how it works:

Say you're someone who's never bought an MP3 player before, and you're now in the market to buy one for yourself. You go to TechSelector, click on MP3 players, read through a very basic description of what's out there and how to make your selection, and answer a series of questions about player type, capacity, weight, battery life, display size and display color. At the end of it, you get a product report that matches your answers. From that point forward, the site works much like many other price comparison sites. You can compare prices for each device option and make your purchase through the participating online merchant (for instance, PopGadget

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