Tempting Inside and Out

Lookign for a healthy way to have flavorful food?

Our Guest Blogger, Aditi Simlai Tiwari, is a never tiring, full time mother of two and part time writer. She is always looking for newer things to do and newer ways to do them in. She found some novel food tools that she wanted to share with readers of AmericanInventorSpot.com.

Here's her article:

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Cooking can be a passion, a hobby, a therapy, or just a means to satisfy hunger. Whatever the reason for entering the kitchen, all of us endeavor to cook a tasty and nutritious meal, which if it is easy to do and fast to make, is like having all our prayers answered together.

Callisons' Seasoned Skewers are a novel way to infuse any kind of food, be it fish, meat, veggies or fruits with distinct flavors from the inside. Yes you read it right, from the inside. Traditional methods of adding flavors to food include marinades, which take hours to do, rubs that require one to know how to use them, and flavored burning materials which ask for a whole different league of know how. And the biggest drawback with all of these is that the food does not wholly take on the flavor and the flavor remains restricted to the skin and maybe a little more. But with Callisons' Seasoned Skewers food will be full of flavor right to the last bite.

Thai Coconut Lime, Citrus Rosemary, Indian Mango Curry, Honey Bourbon, Mexican Fiesta and Garlic Herb are the different varieties currently available from Callisons.

What works for this product are convenience, flavor and health. The seasoned skewers are very easy to use. Just dip them in a liquid of your choice, like water, beer, wine or sake for about 15 minutes, skewer the food you want to eat and let it sit for a minimum of 15 minutes, and then grill, roast, bake or boil, and your ready to eat! The initial dipping of the skewer in a liquid is not mandatory, though it enhances the flavor of the food. Also, the longer the food is left with the skewer inside the food the better will be the flavor. The skewers are not reusable, so just throw them out after use.

Callisons has been in the flavors industry for a long time. With this product, they just made it easier for consumers to cook up exotic dishes without much training or experience. The skewers are made with untreated, Maine wood and steeped in all-natural oils.

As Americans are growing more conscious about their health, they are exploring ways to cut down on salts, oils and fats and sugars. Callisons' Seasoned Skewers live up to the ideal of being healthy while not compromising on the taste.

The company has an excellent, informative and interactive site www.seasonedskewers.com for you to explore. Callisons' Seasoned Skewers are available across the country in a variety of packet sizes.


Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Guest Blogger