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Ferran Adria, innovator, chef, maverick, is also indisputably one of the best chefs in the world. TIME magazine thinks so, as does Wikipedia. And who are we to dispute in the café of such established supporters?.

Ferran and his Michelin starred restaurant elBulli, take the business of food into dizzying heights. He has managed to repeatedly cook up unimaginable combinations of texture, taste and presentation, each bearing the hallmarks of his style. elBulli ( located on a virgin beach on Spain's Catalan coast near the town of Rosas and is every foodies ultimate destination, yes even mine...

Ferran Adria has recently collaborated with a team of winning designers to create crockery and cutlery bearing a stamp of his individuality, a challenge to conventional dining, but complementing the Adria-style of culinary experience. It retails under the brand name FACES.

The range is eclectic and includes cutlery of all kinds, smooth, tattooed, and some you didn't think existed, novel crockery including the Trilogy tray set and Phantom bread basket among others and stylish yet basic kitchen tools.

Recognizing the need for a variety of crockery, Ferran Adria's collection includes spoons without handles to serve bite sized appetizers, and a straining spoon to help tackle soups and cereals. The star of the cutlery section would probably be the engraved knives and spoons, which do not compromise on their formal character in spite of the tattooing, which manages to add class to them.

Phantom is definitely something I would want to add to my crockery collection. Simplistic yet profound, the bread basket is made up of two concentric rings of steel within which any napkin can be fitted, and have a bread basket. Phantom is "making something out of nothing." The 7Bowl set is another Ferran Adria masterpiece. The set comprises of all kinds of bowls that one would need in a kitchen, ranging from a preparing dish and colander to a straining bowl and mixing bowl. All the bowls fit into each other saving on space but definitely not on utility! The Trilogy tray set, the steel and ceramic fruit bowl (another multi purpose creation) and the different ice buckets demand a look see.

All the pieces are made in stainless steel, while some have ceramic or glass additives. The Ferran Adria range of innovative and unique pieces of kitchen and table ware is available at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche in Paris and the interiors mecca at Barcelona, Vinçon. The FACES brand range costs between $61 to $250. (Via

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
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