The Hottest New Bubbly is Beer

Looking for a new beverage to help celebrate special occasions?

Our Guest Blogger, Aditi Simlai Tiwari, is a never tiring, full time mother of two and part time writer. She is always looking for newer things to do and new ways to do them in. She found some innovative food concepts that she wanted to share with readers of

Here's her article:

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In the mood for a drink? Would it be wine or beer? For someone who just can't decide, New York based Cobra Beer Inc. has recently launched "Krait Prestige Champagne Lager" a combination of beer and champagne.

The company claims it is the most innovative beer ever produced. Marketed as an alternative to wines and sparkling wines, it has the taste of beer, but is as versatile as the more refined wine, sparkling wine, or champagne.

The process of bottling is what sets this brew apart from its competitors. After bottling, the beer is injected with ale yeast from Belgium's Rodenbach brewery. Thereafter it is "cork conditioned" for two weeks, which the producers claim brings out its "extra smooth, soft and fruity taste."

For readers unaware about the big hoo-ha over Rodenbach , let me tell you that Rodenbach was an old and established brewer and brewing family in Roeselare, Belgium.

Coming back to Kraist Prestige, it aims to give an image makeover to the humble beer. Beer, no matter how great the taste or how expensive the bottle, just does not compare to wines or champagne in terms of class. But with the launch of Krait Prestige that should change. The beer is aimed at connoisseurs of food and drink and can be bought in 750ml/1 Pint 9.4 fl. oz. and 375ml/12.7 fl. oz. elegant wine or champagne-style bottles.

Available in a sleek, black and regal bottle with the company's logo embossed in gold finish, it has a smaller cork than normal champagne bottles. With a low alcohol level, and a cloudy pale yellow appearance, the beer has a toasty, bread-like aroma combined with the floral notes one would associate with a Belgian beer.

Priced at $13 for the 750 ml bottle, it is affordable and promises a change for both wine and beer lovers. (Via StrangeNewProducts)

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Guest Blogger