Flash drives are pretty darn amazing. So small. Extremeley powerful. No moving parts. And very stable. No wonder they’re gaining in popularity.

Take a look at these FLASH-TASTIC flash drives. And check out more good stuff at InventorSpot.com.


Sushi roll drivesSushi roll drivesBackup your data on a salmon roll. SushiDisks are handmade USB memory drives that come in a variety of "flavors" and offer up to  8GB of storage. Made by Solid Alliance.
Flash Drive here.




Mimobots Flash Drive 2Mimobots Flash Drive 2 Minibots claim to hail from a distant galaxy. Actually, they are limited-edition colorful USB flash drives made in the United States. The Mimobots™ can store up to 2gb and are Windows and Mac compatible.
Made by Mimoco. Model: goSeries
Flash Drive here.








the Iduckthe IduckFrom Solid Alliance in Japan. Available in six different colors, the one in the pic even lights up when plugged in. Cool.
Flash Drive here.






bagbagThis things is crazy. It actually blows up – changing in size depending on the amount of data it holds.

From the wish-I'd-thought-of-that  department: the Flashbag.

It's a standard USB flash drive that has a tiny pump in it that inflates when you load it with data. So if your drive is full of stuff, it blows up like a balloon, but if it's empty it remains flat and rectangular. It'll stay inflated even when powered down, so you'll be able to estimate how many more MP3s you can leech from your friend's computer just by taking a gander.

Alas, until one of you inventors make it a reality, it’s still just a dream.
Flash Drive  here.


5. EZ VUE VISTA DRIVE EZ Vue Vista Flash DriveEZ Vue Vista Flash Drive

Flash Drive with File Viewer.
This flash drive sure makes life a little easier. The Royal EZVue Vista Drive is unique in that it allows you to view the names of the stored files.

The scroll buttons allow you to scroll down the list of file names, so that if you have several of these drives, you can differentiate between them without having to plug them into your computer.

The EZVue drive also has synchronization software embedded allowing you synchronize with directories on your hard drive.


6. THE HELLO KITTY DRIVEHello Kitty DriveHello Kitty Drive

This drive from IO Data is a 512mb USB drive. It has an integrated light that is illuminated when plugged-in. It also has an attached sliding cover, which is convenient because it's impossible to lose and it keeps the USB connector clean. Of course the highlight of this drive is the Hello Kitty logo. Five thousand pieces will be produced.
Flash Drive here. (More Hello Kitty Flash Drives here.)


7. THE MANDARIN ALIEN DRIVEMandarin Alien DriveMandarin Alien Drive

Mikan Seijin USB memory? - otherwise known as “The Mandarin Alien”. Yup, that’s what it looks like.

With a 128MB capacity and USB 2.0 compatibility, this wacky little guy features an internal lamp so his head will light up in an asian alien like mandarin color.

It will be available September 15th in Japan for 3,990 yen (~$36 USD).
And if you can read Japanese, this is where you can read more.
(Flash Drive no longer available)



8. SAKE BOTTLE USB DRIVESake Bottle Flash DriveSake Bottle Flash Drive

Ok... how much sake was the guy who invented this drive drinking?
Flash Drive  here.





 the Thumb Drivethe Thumb DriveThis thing is truly wacky. And it looks pretty realistic. Finally, a true “thumb drive”. USB Thumb.

Flash Drive here.




10. The Barbie? USB DRIVE

Headless Creepy Barbie Flash DriveHeadless Creepy Barbie Flash DriveGo ahead, rip off her head!

This thing is something right out of “Toy Story” It’s one part technology, one part strange childhood nightmare. Think Barbinator. It’s so freaky, it’s cool.

And it’s sure to leave Ken wondering what the hell he got himself in to.
Flash Drive here.




The Dimsum Flash Drive. Mmmm...The Dimsum Flash Drive. Mmmm...Anyone else getting hungry?

These flash drives remind me of the artificial food sitting in the window of Chinese restaurants. Creepy, yet, not enough to keep me away from my favorite meat dumplings.

These things are soft on the outside, crunchy on the inside. And will remember when you bite them thanks to their large memory capacity.
Flash Drive here.
Jun 20, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Sushi Disks

Unfortunately, these do NOT offer any protection against phishing, and may even encourage it.

Jun 20, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Barbie USB Drive

Well, it looks like Barbie IS finally giving head.