The Ultimate Dog Lead

Dogs will be dogs, and they will behave badly once in a while, which is quite normal. But bad behaviour on the streets, especially pulling on the lead can be exasperating, and dangerous, for both beast and master. The new Canny Collar is designed so as to stop your dog pulling on the lead. End of all dog walking problems!

The Canny Collar was voted the Best New Product for 2006 by the Pet Product Retail Association. This revolutionary, yes, it is revolutionary innovation is made up of a simple collar with a slip line that fits over the dog's nose and a lead that fastens behind the dog's head.

The Canny Collar works through a "pressure and release" system. This means that every time the dog pulls, it applies gentle pressure on the bridge of the dog's nose. This pressure is released as soon as the dog stops pulling.

Safe and effective.

The Canny Collar is more comfortable as well as less restrictive than a normal head collar. The manufacturers guarantee that it will neither jerk the dog's head nor ride up into his eyes. Trainers and dog handlers the world over have endorsed the product and say that dogs get used to it faster than other training aids. It comes in three sizes, so getting one to fit your mutt should not be too difficult. Follow the measurement guidelines to get the best fit.

All in all, the Canny Collar seems to be a kind, safe and effective method of training. You van find the Canny Collar at major pet stores and on Amazon here.

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
Inventor Spot

Mar 12, 2007
by Anonymous Noah Walker (not verified)

Another "quick fix"??

It looks like the product is going to be a substitute for obedience training.  People looking for a quick fix will buy the product, but their "best friends" will have to pay the price.