The Wackiest Products To Keep You Cooking

I was supposed to have a new wacky products article this week, and I just got busy lazy. So I thought I'd put up this one whichI think was pretty good but not too many people saw. Forgive me loyal fans for not having something new. I will work on something good soon. I think I am in post-Holiday depression.

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In the past few weeks, I have created a whole series of articles on different types of Wacky Products, but I have to say that this one is my favorites. Here is what I think are 13 of the Wackiest Products for Your Kitchen to Help Keep You Cooking, with choice quotes from vendors selling these products:

13. Too Lazy to Shake It Yourself - Automatic Salt and Pepper Shaker

Too Lazy to Shake It ShakersToo Lazy to Shake It Shakers

"During mealtime, operating the salt and pepper shakers wears us out. We have to lift the shaker and move it up-and-down, up-and-down, up-and-down... It's tedious, it's tiring, and often dangerous...Luckily, we've discovered an amazing new product that takes the drudgery out of seasoning your food...self shaking salt and pepper shakers."

See it here.

12. Brain Mold

Brain MoldBrain Mold

"People always talk about needing some good brain food. Well here it is the Brain Gelatin Mold. Not feeling too smart lately? Then set this Brain Gelatin on the table and watch how people will compliment you on your Brains." BUY IT HERE

11. Too Spastic to Twirl Self Twirling Spagetti Fork

Twirl ForkTwirl Fork

"Rejoice, spaghetti lovers! Your pasta prayers have been answered!...You can now avoid the drudgery of having to twirl your own spaghetti.With the Motor-Powered Self-Twirling Spaghetti Fork, all you have to do is switch it on, jab it into a bowl of pasta, and watch the fork do all the hard work."See it here.

10. Make Millions from Ebay Pop Art Toaster

ebay Pop Art Toasterebay Pop Art Toaster

"On first glance, it appears to be just a stylish white toaster. But when you push it down to prepare your toast, it toasts a fun image into the bread."... Plain toast is now an instant crowd pleaser...." See it here.

9. Automatic Chocolate Milk Mixer Cup

Automatic Chocolate Milk Mixer CupAutomatic Chocolate Milk Mixer Cup

"Moo Mixer - Perfect for those days when plain old white milk just doesn't cut it." See it here.

8. Instant Hot Dog into Octopus Shaper



Octodog Franfurter Converter -What the heck is an Octodog?? Well it's a new, unique way to make your hot dog. Just insert hot dog into the Octodog push down and get the craziest looking hotdog you've ever seen." See it here.

7. All I Can Think About is Football Portable Grill

Football Portable GrillFootball Portable Grill

 "Get ready for the big game with our portable charcoal football grill. This porcelain coated steel grill is great for tailgating.." See it here.

May 1, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Stick It Up the Bitch's Ass Towel Holder

Uh, take another look...that ain't no bitch.

May 3, 2006
by Inventor Wannabe



I don't know about each an everyone of you inventor out there but for me a show such as AI is the best thing ever happened since sliced-bread. Because such a show is where us individual inventor get noticed and our ideas get protected and exposure in the event that big companies decided to steal our ideas, we will get support.

We all need to do our part by contributing our voices to the show even though ABC is not doing a dame good job advertising the show either on paper or on the internet. My suggestion is each one of us send email directly to Doug Hall and ABC producers letting them know what not only we enjoy the show but to let them know that with a little bit more exposure on the Internet getting their viewers aware of the upcoming show could yield a higher audiance each Thursday.

Also, had we got plenty of notice by ABC spending some money on advertising, I am sure there will be more real inventors that have real ideas that can change the world instead of the 12 right now where I am not too excited about jumping out of my seat and wait for it to come out to market so that I can buy.

My plan is to write my letter requesting that they should have at least one more season to try it out now that the viewers are aware of the show and the real good inventors with great inventions will show up to audition for the next show. Having such a show will be the only way for us to keep the momentum going if each one of us feel that we are indeed the inventor.

I know the person that makes the decision for ABC her name is something Wang, I don't have her email address so if someone has it please forward the email over so we all can email to her requesting for a second season. I am sure everyone knows Doug Hall email address by now so please email to him so that he can pass the message onto Peter Jones as they are best friends.

Our voices mean something to ABC and their producers. Let make our voices count, one viewer at a time.