The Wackiest Products To Keep You Cooking

6. Stab a Dead Man Toothpick Dispenser

Dead Man Toothpick DispenserDead Man Toothpick Dispenser

"The voodoo doll toothpick holder (aka "Ouch!") is really practical... you can get a toothpick that somebody else hasn't fumbled with and gotten their grimy fingers all over before you got there." See it here.

5. Combination Blender and Telephone

Combo Blender and TelephoneCombo Blender and Telephone

"If you want your friends to think you're insane, but quote you like God anyway, this is the appliance for YOU! The "ringer" is the blender motor,which pulses like a telephone bell, except angrier. To answer, pick up the pitcher out of the base and put it to your ear. Usually, the caller can hear the motor spinning down just after you pick it up." See it here. I used this for my Wackiest Products from Australia article but liked it so much, I had to use it here too.

4. Stick It Up the Bitch's Ass Towel Holder

Towel Holder in the AssTowel Holder in the Ass

"Dog End With Towel -The original cloth holder from slam, easy to look after, does not require taking for walks, cheap to feed, does not smell, won't shed hair everywhere, gets on well with cats, well - just ignores them really, and you can also use it to hold your tea towel..And remember.. Should the day come when, after a long and happy life, it is time for your faithful dog-end to make that final journey to the great kennel in the sky you will be pleased to know that his earthly remains (being made from the same stuff as yoghurt pots) can be fully recycled at your local recycling centre.See it here. I know it's not really a "bitch", but I thought the phrase was funny, so I put it in anyway. Artistic license, I figure.

3. Stab Your Old Boyfriend Knife Holder

Ex-Boyfriend Knife HolderEx-Boyfriend Knife Holder

"No knife holder has taken a "greater stab" at the theatrical than this specially designed "Ex" knife holder. Et tu, Brute?.. STORE YOUR KNIVES IN AN ANONYMOUS EFFIGY DEDICATED TO WHOMEVER YOU PLEASE! Take out your frustrations as you store your knives! See it here.

2. She's A Real Ballbuster Nut Cracker

"The Original Nutcracker is an elegant utensil for everyday living....The Original Nutcracker is an avant garde yet practical new device for those who are looking to add extra zing to their next cocktail or dinner party." See it here.

1. Whack Him in the Head Knife Block

Head Knife BlockHead Knife Block

"Put simply, this solid lime-wood knife block shaped like a human head would be a refreshing addition to any boring kitchen." ..per See it here.


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May 1, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Stick It Up the Bitch's Ass Towel Holder

Uh, take another look...that ain't no bitch.

May 3, 2006
by Inventor Wannabe



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