Want to Enhance Performance? Get a Bionic Edge

Wish you could perform better as an athelete?

Our Guest Blogger, Scott Fetters, is a self-described "freelance writer extraordinaire, adventure sports enthusiast, and professional extrovert", who is "riding out this train we call life through some fresh powder, until the wheels fall off." Scott thought it'd be fun to helps readers of AmericanInventorSpot.com become better performers.

Here's his article:

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Perhaps you'll agree with me when I say, when you treat your body right it's a high-performance, complex machine. Albeit, it occasionally finds an opportune means of reminding you, that you are not the fantastic Superman, or the elastically distinguished Gumby.

It's like when that one buddy asks you to come participate in a friendly game of softball. Without anyone disclosing the truth behind the invitation, your competitive spirit overwhelms you with the desire to win, fitting accordingly with the true nature of sports.

Unfortunately, your pre-existing injury from years ago, that mysteriously subsided from recognition, was never appropriately treated. Suddenly, without being forewarned, your body decides to throw you its own major league curve ball at 100 mph, in the form of aggravating an injury. The result is nothing shy of acknowledging prior repressed defeats, echoing in the form of "maybe these days have passed."

Aside from performance enhancing drugs, I feel there must be a solution to give run-of-the-mill athletes a bionic edge. I mean, everyone isn't subjected to a life of genetically predisposed mediocrity, right? Granted, Darwin would argue some genes are more prone to success; however, there are a few innovations to keep everyone else on par.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers: For a healthier edge.

These chambers are based off the unconventional methods of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) . Needless to say, we all know that without oxygen our bodily functions would surrender to a higher order and we would perish. In the last couple years or so, modern medicine has made huge advancements developing the techniques of applied oxygen treatments: stimulating cell growth / regeneration, increased neural activity, acting as an anti-viral / anti-bacterial agent, reduction in tumor growth, and immunity support / modulation.

Hyberbaric ChamberHyberbaric ChamberHow this hoopla might affect an aspiring sports minded enthusiast, one might be asking themselves, and rightly so. Well, with that in mind, recently these chambers have evolved into a more personal form; avoiding having to go somewhere for treatments. Within your own discretion, a personal chamber can act as a means of providing sports activists with an ability to recover at a greater rate, experience improved general health, and rehabilitate from injuries. In one study, researchers found that, "the time it takes to recover from joint, muscle, ligament, tendon, and other types of injuries were reduced by 70% when the players were treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy."

The Hyperbaric chamber also speeds recovery from normal workouts, infusing oxygen into the body's tissues, allowing the person to experience greater success, because they have recovered fully.

This innovative tool requires digging a little deeper into the wallet than most would like, roughly $15,000 deep. I don't know about you, but there could be other worthwhile ventures which don't require investing a small fortune; yet the potential for bolstered athletic prowess is undeniable, for those with deep pockets.


Performance Bracing Products: For a supportive edge.

Bionic Knee BraceBionic Knee BraceDo you ever wish you hadn't jumped off the proverbial bridge just because everyone else said they did? Or, are you still suffering from that one mistake, that vexing accident, which left your joints wishing you had stayed in bed? Well if any of this rings home, stop wishing you had made a different decision and proactively change your destiny.

Ossur, an innovation sports online retailer, is ushering in a new era for those needing off-the-shelf orthotic designs. The key to their new line of orthotics is customization. I would have to say, after perusing their website, no matter which joint in your body is ailing, more than likely they have the brace to compensate. It appears as if, all of your weathered joints can be reinvigorated; eliminating the need for you to allow your athletic dreams fall by the wayside because of a rickety old joint.

Bionic Wrist BraceBionic Wrist BraceFor me, I think braces are definitely a step in the right direction, being as I am a bionic man, relying on the support of a shoulder brace. Regardless, you should check out the way this company is headed. Maybe a brace would do the trick for you as well, getting you back to a more competent level of activity.

Each new day doesn't have to be spent in a vegetative state. And trust me when I say, the good ones "don't need to have already passed." It's time to reinvent the wheel, try an alternate route, and see where you end up. After all, no-one said that when you reach the fork in the road you couldn't start hacking down trees, taking the road never traveled. If you want to stay active, then look for some new edge back into the game; whether it's bionic or not, challenge yourself to find a new means to an end.

Scott Fetters
Guest Blogger