New Video Game Controller Will Be Throwable

Don't Be AngryDon't Be AngryHave you ever gotten so angry, that you wanted to throw something? While you’re playing video games, have you ever gotten so pissed off that you just threw your controller across the room?

If you have, then you should know that an inventor has recently designed a controller just for this kind of situation; a “throwable” controller!

Although the new invention is not out on the market yet, it looks pretty interesting. The new throwable controller has different designs, all shaped like various fun objects, including a football, beach ball, and frisbee. The controller is designed to be used in many different ways, and on various different gaming platforms. The crazy thing about this controller is that it has built in sensors and gyroscopes that allow it to sense how far you throw the object, as well as how hard of an impact the controller makes with an object. You can even see how fast you threw the controller!

I think that the easiest way for this product to become popular is to install a program utilizing it on a computer. The computer user could then pick from several different games in the program, which could be anything ranging from a distance throwing contest, to a speed throwing contest, to a simple game of catch.

The only problem with the inventor’s goal (to get gamers outside) is that the process of natural selection will continue at a faster rate. Kind of like this. Maybe it really isn’t a good idea for parents to tell their kids to go outside instead of playing video games. Ouch.

Hopefully this product will be available in the United States soon. It’s an innovative product, and I know that I would buy it!

I'll make sure to let you know when it becomes readily available.

Matt Wood

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Nov 18, 2006
by sherry (not verified)

haha~ nice...

haha~ nice...