Tiny TV Tuner

The Japanese have done it again...taken technology to a new, smaller and eminently cooler level. ELSA a Japanese company has launched a digital TV tuner card that weighs just 5 gm and hold your breath, measures only 2.16x1.32x0.32 inches. I told you it was tiny, and light.

Now there are TV tuners, and more TV tuners, but what I liked best about this TV tuner card is that the manufacturers have managed to pout in all the required electronic paraphernalia on a SD card that ultimately weighs all of 5 gm.

Currently the card is compatible with OS Windows XP SP2/Vista Home Basic/Home Premium (only 32 bit edition), though the company is launching a new version for Windows Mobile soon. Only 0.78 inches of this cool gadget is visible when in use and the card uses very little power. The Elsa Telebit has a built in antenna and the manufacturers have had the foresight to provide an external antenna that can be extended up to a height of 17 cm for better reception in case you are stuck in the woods, (literally) with poor reception.Tiny TV TunerTiny TV Tuner

I really loved this product except for one aspect; I think you might have guessed it. The ELSA Telebit has been manufactured for domestic (read Japan) use only. The gadget is priced at a cool $110, but the price is really no object, considering it cannot be used in the United States.

Hats off to the Japanese...

Via: iyiz.com

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
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