Revolutionary Tire Valve and Pressure Gauge

Checking tire pressure a driver must bend to the ground, remove a dirty dust cap and apply a separate accessory tire pressure gauge and then afterwards (in many cases) wash their hands. In today's world checking tire pressure can be a nuisance. For example going to a service station to check ones' tire pressure only to find out that the service station's pressure gauge is broke or does not supply a pressure gauge. This pet peve has now been resolved once and for all time. The Canadian inventor has invented a whole new tire valve stem with a built-in pressure gauge. This new invention allows any driver (young and old) to obtain a tire pressure reading with a simple glance to the tire valve. Features A transparent window built-in and located in the center of the existing tire valve with numbers and lines allows a driver to obtain a pressure reading. To release air, simply press down on permanent dust cap or press down and turn right to lock for handsfree release. New scenario, simply bend down, glance and view reading. Public opinion and survey gives a high thumb up that most people would buy this product for their vehicles. Transport drivers love the new concept as well as elderly with motorhomes. The only draw back is that the product is not available in stores as we seek finds a buyer or license to a manufacturer. We believe this new invention has the potential to globally replace the standard tire valve for all time. For pictures and view live interview please click on:
Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: Aquired Canadian & US patent

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Nov 21, 2006
by john toohey (not verified)

2in1 pressure gauge


I am a student at the college of engineering excellence. iv looked at you product and was impressed with the outcomes well done on your behalf. I am very keen to learn about your work on the project and how you come about this idea!

if you could send me details of the product and its developments it would help me greatly with my collage work here at CEME.

yours sinserely

Mr J. Toohey

Sep 9, 2011
by Anonymous

Tyre Pressure Gauge

Brilliant !!! Well done man !! I'm working on a patent now for years (food catogary),but my problem with this is that I don't have the resources at home to make a sample or demo of this particular patent,this was always a question for me,did you make your first demo at home,did you just take the idee to someone else to fabricate a few samples,or how do you do it.I will appreciate it if you can give me some advice here.I have a passion for new inventions and this is defnitaly a winner,good luck !