$25 Million To Green the Earth

If you haven't heard about the Virgin Earth Challenge yet, announced two weeks ago (2/9/07), by Sir Richard Branson, now's your chance to get in on the action, find a way to save the world and win millions in the process.

The challenge: to come up with a way of removing one billion metric tons of lethal carbon dioxide from the earth's atmosphere every year for 10 years without further harming the earth. The winner (individual or group) will make history, earn $25 million and have the pure satisfaction of making the world greener place to live. $5 million of the prize money will be paid at the start of removal operations and the remaining $20 million will be paid at the end of the 10 years.

The challenge will be judged by: billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson, former US Vice-President Al Gore, British Diplomat Crispin Tickell, as well as climate specialists James Lovelock, Jim Hansen and Australian environmentalist Tim Flannery. The panel of judges will also be assisted by The Climate Group and Special Advisor to The Virgin Earth Prize Judges, Steve Howard.

The deadline: the challenge will initially be open for 5 years. At the end of the 5 years if no one has won, the judges will decide if they want to extend the challenge for another few years.

If you're thinking this is an impossible mission you're not alone, The judges are aware of the possibility no one will ever win the challenge, but in an attempt to slow down - perhaps stop what they believe causes global warming, Sir Richard Branson and Al Gore want to at least try and hopefully inspire someone to come up with a solution. They have the money; all you need is the brains to make it happen. See More on Green Challenge Here

Can it be done? What do you think? About the challenge? About global warming?

Gloria Campos-Hensley
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Mar 28, 2007
by Alexander (not verified)

I have 5 Solutions to completely End Globe Warming and cheap

Looking for a Partner for Richard Branson’s ‘Virgin Earth Challenge’ I have 5 Solutions to completely End Globe Warming and cheap 400 to 800 dollars Canadian to make a proto-type and Patent it for entry. Ideas have been designed, thought out with calculated results for the last 4 to 5 years. Ideas can not be explained in detail without the patent and need a working model for validity of clams, but have taken steps to ensure the copy writing with trusted PHD engineers signed alpha-david’s to.

   Idea 1: An attachment to any car that takes out more Carbon out of the atmosphere then it emits costs $400 CDN to make.

   Idea 2: Generator Runs and heats any House using Tap Water $500 CDN to make.

   Idea 3: Motor runs 250-500 HP for 10-12 hours on air-pressure and battery $600 CDN to make.

   Idea 4: Engine runs 1000-2000 HP on Hydrogen (NOT USING FUEL CELL) for 20-25 hours on 10 liters for over 4000 kilometers (conservative estimate) 1/10 model will only cost $700 for 100-200 HP.

   Idea 5: Under Water Generator and Air Conditioner will Power a City with over 1 million people for 500,000 gig watts an hour per bus sized unit placed 100,000 ft. below sea level, 1/1000 model for $800 CDN to make.

    I have no doubt in my mind that these products will be in full use in 5-10 years and will receive at lest a percentage of the $25 million prize. And despite how cheap it is to receive a patent "I am Broke" and all earns go to cost of living. So I am sending a Call for Help to share all Royalties and Winnings 50, 50.

 My Name is Alexander Graham Dean, born October 13, 1980 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. MSN is one_neo_eon@hotmail.com   EMAIL is alexander_dean@rogers.com (SPAMED) Phone Number is (905)660-6623 only 1 I will answer for this reason only from 7am to 3pm EST I am home.