Food. Let’s face it, it’s awesome. And as such, it’s the inspiration for many an invention. (Just watch late night TV.) Whether you’re a beef eater or a vegan, you love sugar or despise caffeine, there’s one thing we all can agree on. Food makes the world go ‘round. So in honor of the everyday consumable that every human being since the dawn of man has needed… I give you my top 10 food inspired finds. From the wacky to the practical to the delicious—there’s something for everyone. Just like food itself.

Ben & Jerry's Pint LockBen & Jerry's Pint Lock10. KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY PINT

If you’re one of those types who just can’t part with the last scoop of Phish Food, then you need to pick up this new pint size padlock from Ben and Jerry’s. Just place the lock around the top of the pint, snap it closed, your favorite late night snack will be there when your sweet tooth kicks in. Just make sure not to forget the secret combination.

For more info on Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock click here .



The art of using chopsticks takes years of meditation. Training from Shaolin monks . Or perhaps just simply, an early start.

Chopstick Kids are soft, washable, and make learning to use chopsticks, fun—no matter what your age!

With food-safe hinges help keep the chopsticks in line and Chopstick Boy and Chopstick Grill variations, it might just be time to order up a little fine Asian Cuisine.

For more info on Chopstick Kids click here .

Fashion Plates from ElsewaresFashion Plates from Elsewares8. FASHIONABLY RETRO PLATE

When’s the last time you looked at your plates and said, “Yeah, I’m cool.” Well, these fashion plates by pop ink will have you, and your guests saying that in spades. . Each set has four different saturated color designs and are molded into heavy-duty 10" Melamine plastic plates. The plates are dishwasher safe, though not microwavable. In addition to the fashion plates, Pop Ink has sets called Lovesick and Wallpaper. The set of four is $40.

For more info on Fashion Plates from Elsewares click here .

Wham-O Peeps Marshmallow MakerWham-O Peeps Marshmallow Maker7. DO IT YOURSELF NOSTALGIA-MAKER

This is necessarily new, but if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth the flashback. And worth remembering the next time the holidays approach. It’s the Wham-O Peeps Marshmallow Maker.

It doesn’t get any easier. There’s no cooking involved. Just mix the marshmallow powder with water, and squeeze the concoction into the peep shaped molds. After a few minutes, viola! You and your kids have the nostalgic sugar rush you’ve been craving.

No cooking involved. Make your own marshmallow peeps anytime you feel the need.

To read more on the Peeps Machine click here .

Preva xSport portable Espresso MakerPreva xSport portable Espresso Maker6. LIVING IT UP IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE

Some like their morning Joe. For others, they need something a little stronger. They worship their morning cup of espresso. If that sounds like you, then the next time you decide to rough it camping, things might not be as rough thanks to the Preva xSport portable espresso maker. This amazing little machine has even been tested at 4400 feet above sea level with JetBoil portable stove , just to ensure you don’t wake up on the wrong side of the mountain.

To read more on the Preva xSport portable Espresso Maker click here.

The World's First Adjsutabe Heat Sauce - from the makers of Dave's Insanity SauceThe World's First Adjsutabe Heat Sauce - from the makers of Dave's Insanity Sauce5. HOT SAUCE WITH A SERIOUS TWIST

Dave’s Insanity Sauce is infamous for being one of the hottest of the hot. Now Dave has something new. A hot sauce that can go from an inferno to a sizzle with a simple twist. It works by having two compartments, one with hot sauce and one with mild sauce. With a twist of the adjustable nozzle you can determine your perfect spicy blend.

To read more about the World’s First Adjustable Heat Sauce click here .


Callisons Flavor SkewersCallisons Flavor Skewers4. BBQ FLAVORING FOR DUMMIES

I happen to be a BBQ expert. But for those of you who haven’t quite mastered the fine art of hovering over your grill infusing flavor onto your summer delights, (and slyly discarding those BBQ items that are deemed unworthy) then these pre-seasoned flavor skewers from Callisons are right up your alley.

The skewers come in all sorts of flavors, including Thai Coconut Lime, Garlic herb, Citrus Rosemary and Honey Bourbon. You simply soak them in the liquid of your choice (water, wine, beer) and when you’re ready, just stab the meat, fish, chicken, tofu, whatever of your choice with the skewer, and they release the flavor. Thus, infusing it with BBQ glory in just minutes. They cost about $8 bucks. See, wasn’t that easy.

To buy Callisons Flavor Skewers click here .

Michael Cluizel Cocoa Nib "prescriptions"Michael Cluizel Cocoa Nib "prescriptions"3. YOUR TIME-RELEASED COCOA PRESCRIPTION

How do you turn a late night cram session into a delicious opportunity? Just ask Richard Perl, chairman and CEO of Chocolat Michel Cluizel, the Manhattan outpost of the legendary Parisian chocolatier. They’ve made late night cramming easier than ever thanks to their new “time release” cocoa nibs wrapped in dark chocolate. Perl says, “they deliver the clarity, mental focus and peak concentration levels you look for from a cup of coffee without the negative side effects like anxiety or that jittery feeling you get from high doses of caffeine.”

These wonderfully delicious Michel Cluizel Cocoa Nib “prescriptions” are appropriately sold by the vial. You can find them here .

Miracle pill makes anything sour taste sweetMiracle pill makes anything sour taste sweet2. SAY GOODBYE TO SOUR

Picture yourself taking a nice big bite of a bitter lemon. Mmmm. Now imagine somehow, miraculously it suddenly tasted sweet. Well, that’s the miracle of a pink-colored tablet containing a sweet-inducing protein called miraculin, made from a tropical fruit native to West Africa. Pop one tablet and anything sour that you eat will taste sweet for up to 2 hours. That’s because the protein miraculin firmly finds to sweet receptor cells in a person’s tongue when sour substances are present. The protein transmits a false message to the brain, resulting in a strong, sweet taste.

You can read more here and here


Sauce Dispensing ChopsticksSauce Dispensing Chopsticks1. THE WORLD’S LAZIEST CHOPSTICKS

These chopsticks are perfect if you just don’t have it in you to reach across the table in one direction for the soy sauce and then reach the opposite way for the wasabe, or duck sauce, or whatever. I’m too lazy to think about what I could put in these remarkable Sauce Dispensing Pipette style Chopsticks. With a simple squeeze you release just the right amount of added spice. Mmmm… anyone up for a little Dim Sum?

To read more about Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks click here

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Jul 15, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

The ice cream lock. I need one of those.

And the dial up the heat hot sauce is pretty cool. The should apply that same idea to other spice mixes. How about a BBQ sauce that goes from sweet to spicy? Or salsa that does the same?

Jul 30, 2006
by Anonymous Betty Cracker (not verified)

Upon Closer Examination......

(10) Keep Your Hands Off My Pint?
--How ironic: through their efforts to save the depleted rain forests, Ben & Jerry have endangered the human race--people now need protection from the very ice cream that was designed to protect the rain forests
--Byproducts of buying their product include debilitating obsessive-compulsive and other psychiatric disorders, physical injuries sustained from assaults by "loved ones", and--in people who tried prying the locks off with their teeth--bad cases of lock jaw
--But leave it to Ben & Jerry to unlock another mystery: the solution. Since laughter is the best medicine, Ben & Jerry addicts are urged to use Good Humor instead

( 9) Chop Sticks Built For Kids?
--These do help keep kids in line, but not for the reason you might guess
--As in the past when kids are given chopsticks to use, they will invariably ask, "Mommy, can I eat with a fork instead?"
--Parents will still have to provide regular eating utensils, but these chopsticks are actually fun to PLAY with--items from the salad bowl, roll basket, or main entree are used like Colorforms to dress the chopsticks and occupy kids' time at the restaurant. Making stick men isn't new, but dressing them with organic food is
--And, finally, the phrase "Please pass the dressing" makes sense

( 8) Fashionable Retro Plate?
--The affluent designer, who already had his plate full, lost his senses and made himself a plate fool

( 7) Do-It Yourself Nostalgia Maker?
--Finding out this information was like going on an Easter Egg Hunt, but the marshmallow peep maker lost the class action lawsuit which alleged that the company was engaging in false and/or misleading advertisement and was mandated by the court to either change the wording on the product or make the product accurately match its labeling. The "solution", provided by this machine, is what may now accurately be called a "Newborn Peep". Case closed.

( 6) Living It Up In The Middle Of Nowhere?
--Although this fast espresso maker works at 4400 feet above sea level, the coffee produced works very fast below waist level--the espresso is also espisso. Unless you wear Depends, don't depend on this machine to satisfy all your urges

( 5) Hot Sauce With A Serious Twist?
--This product has been receiving inconsistent ratings. Some people rate it as "hot" whereas others say it is only "mild"
--Restaurants also have mixed opinions. Fast food restaurants believe they have always had this available, but only in little plastic packages "to go", so don't intend to buy it
--Fancy restaurants, who insist that their customers continue dressing up for dinner, are disturbed over some customers' desire for dressing down
--So far, only one restaurant chain--TGIFridays--has started making this product available, and--of course--only on dressing down days

( 4) BBQ Flavoring For Dummies?
--You know how some people think that the "other white meat" is pork but you rarely see a stray cat near a Chinese restaurant? Well, this mew BBQ sauce for dummies is Persian cats-up

( 3) Your Time-Released Cocoa Prescription
--Mature adults, especially white-collar professionals, are raving over this dignified, age-appropriate way to go cuckoo over their cocoa puffs
--The product is properly labeled like any other prescription and even instructs the "patient" to take the pills with a glass of milk
--Whereas prescriptions like Viagra or antidepressants can be hard on the body or take weeks to work, your cocoa prescription is fast-acting and gets your whole body moving
--Rx label also means that you do NOT have to share your cocoa--federal law prohibits transfer to another person

( 2) Say Goodbye To Sour?

( 1) The World's Laziest Chopsticks?
--When modified, these chopsticks have other uses. For instance, sterilized chopdicks are used by sperm banks to whip up the preferred male babies, known as "It's Aboy Sauce". A wok is used instead of a test tube and the right amount of liquid can result in twins, triplets, quadruplets, sextuplets, etc. A complete price list and male child options are listed on the Men-U.
--Dried beans can be added if you want to make beanie babies. Producing female babies is still in its infancy.
--WARNING: If the doctor tries to use duck sauce, you know s/he is a quack.

[I tried to let this one go, but I couldn't resist!]

Aug 2, 2006
by Think Outside T...
Think Outside The Circle's picture


Nice writing style. Very funny. You should consider becoming a guest blogger here at the site. Feel free to use the CONTACT button if you're interested.

Aug 6, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Royalties from Ben & Jerry's?

You should get royalties from Ben & Jerry's--I have bought maybe 2 pints in the past few years, but this week--after seeing this--I bought three! I don't think they are that great, but for some reason I still bought them.

Sep 2, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Ben & Jerry's "Scoop of Lies"

While some people rave over the ice cream, other people and agencies (e.g., Humane Society of U.S.) are attacking Ben & Jerry for continuing to use eggs from farm factories that are cruel to the hens--such as using little cages.

Perhaps Ben & Jerry should be locked out of the so-called "battery cage factory farms".