Trade Shows and Product Shows for Inventions

There are hundreds of trade shows and expos around the world for almost every type of product imaginable. Unfortunately, lists of events tend to get outdated very quickly.  The simplest thing to do is just search on your product category and trade show and the current year on Google, Bing or another web search engine.  This way, you can find the most current information on trade shows that may be helpful or of interest to you.

When done well, trade shows and product expos can offer inventors the opportunity to reach a large number of potential buyers and retailers. They can also provide terrific insights into the market by sourcing information about similar products and gain general knowledge about your industry. It can also provide inventors with the opportunity to make new contacts

To find trade shows that will work best for you, make sure that you do enough research to find product shows that fit all of your needs. Make sure that the trade show you are interested in is really a good fit for your product and that the costs of attending the event matches your budget.    Study carefully the list of potential attendees and exhibitors. Some shows are popular with buyers who of regional or independent stores, while others may are events popular with by major stores and retailers. Other shows will specifically target niche buyers like drug or sports stores. Make sure your product is a good match for the focus of the show.

Unless you are confident about the potential of a specific trade show, do not allocate all of your resources to only one show and instead plan on at least a few. The costs of exhibiting and attending shows can be expensive. If it is your first experience, consider whether it makes sense to attend a smaller show first to learn about them and to get a feel for what will work best before investing a lot of money on the bigger trade shows and product events.

Make sure that you have realistic expectations when attending shows. You may get some great sales leads, but you should reasonably expect that what you will most likely get out of the show is some good contacts, current market information and feedback on your product.
Listed below are just a few of the major trade shows resources that may be of interest if you are looking for more information.

Trade Shows and Product Expo Resources

  • Expo Database -Extensive database and portal of product expos and trade shows throughout the world.
  • EventsEye - Free web source dedicated to key Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Conferences  Business Events Worldwide, including list of trade shows by industry and date.
  • 10Times - Huge searchable database of trade shows by country.
  • TSNN -The Trade Show News Network - the "ultimate" trade show directory with extensive show/event, supplier and venue databases.