Tree Coat Hanger

Hanging coats on the same boring stand, day after day seems like such a chore. I often feel like throwing the stand into the dustbin. But my frustration, misplaced though I know it is, might be over if I can lay my hands on the Tree Coat Hanger.

Tree Coat HangerTree Coat HangerThese coat hangers come in two finishes, birch and white and would add class to any home. Why leave it out in the hallway, it can be used as in a corner of the living room. Just string up a few lights (as one reviewer suggested) and watch the magic begin.

The economics of this cool piece of furniture are steep. The Tree Coat Hanger costs a cool $700. I think I'll just stick to my old hanger for now, after all, what use is a coat hanger when I'll end up living on bread and water after buying it.

But some day...hopefully soon, the Tree Coat Hanger shall be mine. (Update: This coat hanger is no longer available. Perhaps this or this tree coat hanger will work as well?)


Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
Inventor Spot

May 15, 2007
by Anonymous Treet Williams (not verified)

Is the Tree flat?

I can't tell from the photo, but the branches appear to be flat, not three-dimensional.  If that is the case, then putting coats on it may make it unstable and subject to falling over (ouch).  I have a different kind of coat rack that LOOKS stable, but I couldn't tell you how many times it has fallen over--even though I tried to distribute coats on it so that it would be stable.  So, for $700, it doesn't sound like a good deal, and I don't even find the rack's appearance to be appealing.  My rating:  "0" stars!!!!