USB Keylogger: A Spy for your Keyboard

USB KeyloggerUSB Keylogger

Spying was never so easy or so much fun.
No need to snoop around or try to be discreet. The USB Keylogger shall do it effortlessly stroke for stroke.

When you put this gadget in between your keyboard and computer, it tracks everything typed on your keyboard. It has a 4MB flash memory so it can save over 4 million keystrokes for about 15 days! It is extremely easy to operate as it requires no software and can be plugged to any USB keyboard.

It's a simple yet efficient way to office security, preventing fraudulent practices at work, monitoring you children's chat room activities and of course to keep all the pedophiles at bay!

When you want to check all the data captured by the Keylogger, just boot the computer and type in ‘phxlog'. With that simple step, you can precent unauthorized access to your PC behind your back!

USB Keylogger comes in three variations:KeyPhantom Home,CorporateSE and Forensic.

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