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I believe that if you go to the website I have provided (  it will give you a lot of the answers your looking for. However, the craft uses jets, the exhaust is used for lift vertically and propels it horizontally on three axises. Four engine produce the trust, and if, at anytime an engine fails or (begins to fail) on any one of the lifting three axises engines, the center forth engines exhaust is diverted to that failing engine, thus, a built in redundant fail save system. All three lifting axises have gimballed nozzles, that have a 180 degree of rotation and 90 degree horizontal to vertical axis. The AutoSkyBot is a automated flying robotic system, point to point transportation. The engines are use to create a Mach one or better air speed inside the exhaust duct, where upon the nozzle inside the duct have hydrogen injectors, thus creating a scram-jet pressured exhaust. The engine are fashioned after the Williams International modeled engines, light weight and very powerful, the engine don't have the be used at peek performance or at high speed. They just need enough to create Mach one air speed inside the exhaust duct. The craft can be build of standard aluminum or titanium welded joints and Kevlar skin. Over all trust to weight ratio would be some where around 8 to 1, depending on the utility uses and loads carried. So to conclude: the craft has no moving parts out side the vehicle and can be placed flat against the walls or windows of any build structure. A verity of utility attachments can be placed on to the forward cabin, and being that it can be flown autonomously with out a pilot cabin, the motor box housing can be attached to a cargo container. However two motor box housing would be needed, one at the front and one at the rear. The wings are unique feature that give the craft greater stability in hover, landing, and high cross wind configurations. I believe that the most unique feature is the five strategically place Super High Density Super Conductive Electromagnetic Harmonic Pulse Wave Guild Motors, essentially super speakers creating a sound wave directed to a singularity in front of the craft while in flight, disrupting the air flow in front of the vehicle flight path, thus reducing drag.


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