VioClean Brushes Away All Germs

VioCleanVioCleanWe all know the importance of brushing our teeth regularly. I have grown up hearing ‘brush and brush well, to maintain a clean and healthy set of teeth to see you through till your old age.' This is one of my mother's favorite mantras till date. And like a good daughter not only have I followed her advice I keep drilling it into my kids too.

So imagine my surprise when I read that the toothbrush we use is actually home to thousands of germs and bacteria! I was shocked to say the least. I got thinking and the logic of the situation became apparent. After all we brush our teeth with the toothbrush and then just rinse it away for further use. So what happens to all the stuff that the brush cleaned from our teeth? Not all of it gets rinsed away. Bits of it stay on to multiply and make a home in our brushes. What a horrible thought!

Thankfully there is help at hand. Vioclean is not a toothbrush; it is a portable UV toothbrush sterilizer. The sterilizer effectively brushes away fungi, bacteria and viruses that may have taken up residence in your toothbrush. The sterilizer uses patented UV and ozone technology to eradicate up to 99% of the germs present and that too in six minutes.

VioClean runs on two AA sized batteries which make it very compact and portable. The sterilizer accommodates almost all regular toothbrushes and most electric toothbrush heads when detached. VioClean comes with a one year limited warranty and full refunds in case customers are unhappy with the product within a month of purchase.

So to ensure really clean and healthy teeth, I think we must all try and get our own VioClean sets as early as possible.

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
American Inventor Spot