Wackiest Products for Your Dog

It is clear, we are a nation of extreme wealth. Otherwise, we would not lavish the type of dollars we do to keep our dogs "happy". At times, I think dog owners are simply crazy, not just crazy about their dogs...just crazy, cuckoo, wacko - as in not quite in touch with reality. I may be wrong. But then, could you please explain to me these wacky products for your dog:

13. For dog owners who think the natural look just won't do:

Doggy Nail PolishDoggy Nail Polish

Doggy Nail Polish (BUY IT HERE).

12. For the dog owner who loves data and needs to know how far the dog will go before collapsing:

Doggie PedometerDoggie Pedometer

Doggy Pedometer (See it here)

11. For dog owners who think regular shampoos are not good enough, and want only the best salon treatment for their dogs:

Salon ShampooSalon Shampoo

John Paul Salon Pet Shampoo and Conditioner Products (See it here).

10. For dog owners who don't like their dogs shedding but don't want to shave their dogs:

Dog SleevesDog Sleeves

Disposal Dog Clothes - Dog Sleeeves (See it here).

9. For the dog owner that is a media star or just has sensitive eyes:

Doggie SunglassesDoggie Sunglasses

Doggy Sunglasses - Doggles (BUY IT HERE).

8. For the dog owner just doesn't understand their dog and is working on improving their communication skills:

Dog to Human TranslatorDog to Human Translator

Doggy Talk - Human Talk Translator (See it here). An actual review of the product I just found is here.

7. For the dog owner who believes their dog has just been too stressed lately and NEEDs a great spa treatment:

Doggie SpaDoggie Spa

Total Dog At-Home Spa Center (See it here).

6. For the dog owner who has really really really cold floors in the morning:

Fuzzy Dog Ducky SlippersFuzzy Dog Ducky Slippers

Fuzzy Dog Ducky Slippers (BUY IT HERE).

5. For the dog owner who finds petting the dog too exhausting:

Automatic Dog Petter and MassagerAutomatic Dog Petter and Massager

Automatic Dog Petter and Massager (See it here).

4. For the dog owner who likes to stroll the promenade with their dog:

Pink Dog StrollerPink Dog Stroller

Pink Dog Stroller (BUY IT HERE).

3. For the dog owner who really just wants to sit on the couch and watch tv:

Dog TreadmillDog Treadmill

Dog Jog Treadmill (See it here).

2. For the dog owner who needs to change their diet (and their dog's diet) but won't:

Dog Fart DeodorizerDog Fart Deodorizer

Dog Fart Deodorizer (See it here, thanks to StrangeNewProducts.com).

1. For the dog owner who is just sick and tired of having to drive Fido around town all the time:

Dog Driver's LicenseDog Driver's License

Dog Driver's License (See it here).

Well, am I right or am I wrong? Are dog owners crazy or merely just crazy about their dogs?

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Apr 17, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)



Apr 17, 2006
by B3CK1 (not verified)


funny shit especially the fart de-odiariser thingy and the buggy! lol

Apr 17, 2006
by baf39 (not verified)

the treadmill

it is for if it is muddy out side to cold to hot snowing ect. or if the owner is traning the dog and gets tired be for the dog!

Apr 17, 2006
by chainsmack (not verified)

dogs license

god how retarded can you get?¿☺

Apr 17, 2006
by Doog (not verified)

Funny,cool,and smart

Funny,cool,and smart

Apr 17, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


Those poor dogs.....I like the ducky slippers though ^-^

Apr 17, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


some of it isn't that bad but i actually have a stroller

Apr 17, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Nice to know dogs have

Nice to know dogs have strollers when some kids in need go without

Apr 17, 2006
by ilovecheese (not verified)


I like the dog translator thingy. The dog stroller thing and the driver's license is pretty stupid :P But otherwise kewl!!!

Apr 17, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)



Apr 17, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)



Apr 17, 2006
by :. ----_----* .: (not verified)

:. ---_---* .: !!!!

omgoodness !!! who in there right mind be even bothered to think of these things, but some of these things are cute !!! bye :. ---_---* .:

Apr 18, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


people are nuts. the doggy license is cute though. check out the site for the dog license. It has the scarest lil girl i've ever seen lol

Apr 18, 2006
by Tassja (not verified)


ya im obsessed with my little shih tzu and i have about all of those items

Apr 27, 2006
by Inventor Wannabe


Don't be surprised because other people dogs are getting better treatment then human. These are owners with money to spluge and whatever it takes to make their four paws happy they are willing to go the distance. In China, Vietnam, Philipine, and Indonesia, people eat dogs like we eat chicken here.